We all know that most guys don’t exactly rush into making a commitment and we’ve all read how trying to push a guy too fast will just make him run away, so just what are you to do when you know he’s the one and you really want things to move along to the next stage?

You certainly don’t want to manipulate the poor guy, or that will surely backfire at some point in the future, but you can drop a few subtle hints to help him make his own mind up. Here are ten ways that you can hint to him how you feel and gently nudge him into understanding that he is the one for you.

1. Don’t force the issue

Before we get into the subtle hints, here’s a word of warning about men; they hate being rushed into a decision like this. If you come gushing out with your underlying love for him and how you want to live with him forever, and he’s not ready for it, you are more than likely to scare the living daylights out of him! Take it easy, be patient, drop a few hints like the ones below.

2. Spend more time with other couples

Don’t hang out with singles are who are enjoying themselves with a different partner every other night, go out with other long-term and married couples. Start dropping hints about how happy those couples seem to be together in a stable relationship and you will have sown the first seed in your boyfriend’s mind.

3. Talk about the future

Start talking, in general terms, about the future and what your hopes and aspirations are. Don’t be too specific yet, like talking about how you’d like to settle down, have kids, grandkids, and grow old with someone. Just talking about the future will let him know that you are thinking about where you go from here and let him know that you do see him as being a part of that future

4. Introduce him to your family

If you haven’t already done so, then make sure that you start to get him involved with your family. This is more than the obligatory ‘meet the parents’ evening. Start inviting him to more family events too, especially weddings! By involving him more with your family, you are showing him that you want him to be a part of your whole life and not just someone you date occasionally.

5. Tell him how happy you are

It might sound obvious, but you could tell him how happy you are without going too over the top. If you have a good time on a date, then tell him, and let him know how happy you are with the relationship. This doesn’t put any undue pressure on him, but you can’t just take it for granted that he knows that he makes you happy either.

6. Be there for him

When he needs to talk, or get something off his chest, be the one who is there for him and listen to what he has to say. If you want him to know that he means more to you than just another casual boyfriend would, then you are going to need to show him he has someone in you that he can trust and rely on and get sound advice from.

7. Let him have his guy time

If you want to get serious with a guy you’re going to need to let him know that he will still be able to have his man time. One of men’s biggest fears about making a commitment is not about being a one woman guy; it’s about not having any time to do his own thing any more. Show him how much you love him by letting him go out with his buddies and not being suspicious about what he’s been up to. Then he’ll realise that commitment to you doesn’t mean giving up everything else that he likes to do.

8. Go the extra mile for him

Men like to be looked after and pampered, so cook him his favourite foods, or take him out on a surprise date to his favourite restaurant. Ask his mom what his favourite meal was when he was at home and cook that for him. The more at home he feels with you, the more he’s going to realise how special you are and how much you care about him.

9. Encourage him and compliment him

Encourage him to be his best and compliment him on his achievements. Showing him that you are proud of him and that you will support him will tell him that he has a partner who can help him get to where he wants to be.

10. Tell him you love him

For a lot of men, finding out that they are in a relationship that is getting serious is scary because they are afraid of being hurt and that’s why they shy away from making a commitment when they are pushed too hard. Tell him how much you love him and show him that you he can trust you with his heart. The truth is, he probably already knows where this relationship is going, he just needs more time than you to get used to the idea than you do.

Stay happy!


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