grace“Peace begins with a smile.”

     – Mother Theresa

Bad days happen, and often it’s the little things that put us in a bad mood. For example, him not texting you back for hours and hours, or you being late for work because of traffic are just two rather small and minor things that can ruin your entire day.

One small comment is sometimes all it takes to knock us out, turning what was otherwise an okay day into a bad one.

But it’s important that one silly comment doesn’t ruin our whole day. Moreover, it’s also worth remembering that it’s possible to get over a bad day and move on. Here are 10 ways to do just that:

Listen To Your Favourite Music

“Without music, life would be pointless.”

     – Nietzsche

Nothing cheers you up quite as much as your favourite music. Whether you prefer pop, hip hop, country or heavy metal, listening to your favourite songs is a great way to instantly lift your spirits and cheer you up.

Studies have even proven that listening to your favourite tunes can significantly change your mood and eliminate the symptoms of depression.

Prepare a playlist for those bad days when you need a pick-me-up. Include songs you like at the moment, as well as songs that come attached with happy memories. For example, Rocket Man by Elton John will always remind me of a happy childhood holiday.

Accept It

Hey. Bad days happen. The ebb and flow of our lives means that we’re in a constant flux between winning and losing. Rather than trying to fight bad days, just accept it and start afresh tomorrow.

Take A Shower

Taking a shower cleans all the oil, sweat and grime off your body, but it also metaphorically cleanses your mind, washing away all the negativity in the process. Just a quick shower that alternates between warm and cold water can boost circulation as well as eliminate negative energy.

You could begin with a warm shower before slowly turning the dial so that the water becomes progressively colder. Then, when it’s as cold as possible, stay under the shower head for up to twenty seconds before slowing raising the temperature once more. Once you alternate this cycle five or six times, you will become accustomed to the two extreme temperatures. And you’ll feel amazing.

Make Plans

A great way to get over a bad day is to make new plans for something exciting. Maybe you could plan a holiday, a new project, a house move, or maybe something as simple as meeting up with friends at the weekend.


Working out is usually the last thing many of us want to do after a bad day. We would rather just go home, curl up on the sofa and rage against the gods.

But exercise is a whole lot more productive.

When you exercise, happy chemicals such as endorphins are triggered in your brain. It isn’t long before they lift your mood.

Working out can be anything you want, from a trip to the gym or a visit to the ball park.

Watch A Funny Movie

If you don’t laugh about things, you’ll cry. And who wants to cry?

Watching a funny movie after you’ve had a bad day is the perfect antidote. You should pick a classic comedy you know and love, before kicking back with some snacks and revelling in the escapism.

Personally, I find that Dumb and Dumber aways works. After I’ve had a stinker of a day, watching Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels make a mess of their lives makes me feel so much better!

And as the say – laughter is the best medicine.


After a bad day, our mind is often stuffed with negative thoughts.

“I can’t believe that happened today …”


“I am so mad he said that …”

It’s hard to get control of these thoughts, and they often overpower us. The best way to eliminate them and empty your mind is to meditate.

Be Kind To People

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.”

     – Lao Tzu

You might think that it sounds counter-productive to help someone else out when you’re the one who is having the bad day here. But you’ll be amazed at how practising kindness to other people makes your day so much better.

Essentially, when you show compassion and do a good turn for others, you’re spreading waves of positivity which encircle you both. When someone smiles because of something you’ve done for them, the smile becomes infectious. You smile too.

Practising kindness also reminds yourself that this world is essentially good – and that you’re a big part of it.

Learn Something New

This one always works. When I’ve had a bad day, I make it a point to return home and learn something new.

Learning something new, such as whether it’s possible to live forever, is exciting and inspiring. Fresh knowledge makes you feel empowered. It makes you feel good.

Be Grateful

I’ll never forget the time I was late for a job interview because of bad traffic. Road works had basically brought a whole street to a standstill, and my bus didn’t move from its spot for about an hour. I was furious and wanted to scream.

It ruined my day and affected my interview. I didn’t get the job and felt miserable for a whole week afterwards.

We all have moments like this, and at this point it’s really easy to curse the universe for somehow being against us. But it’s important to take a time out and write down all the things you should be grateful for.

Sure, I didn’t get the job. But there will be other chances, and I now know to set off much earlier in the future. I also have my health, family, a home, and lots of other things to be appreciative of.

Stay happy!


Source: BeautyAndTips