Taking some time out and spending time on your own is, without a doubt, the very best way there is to recharge the batteries and lower the stress levels.

If you are used to being ultra-busy all the time, though, when you do get some much needed me time, you might find yourself wondering what to do with yourself.

The most important thing to remember about ‘me time’ is that you should do whatever makes you happy, so there are no rules as to what is in and what is out. If you are stuck for ideas, though, here are ten things that might inspire your ‘me time’.

 1. Schedule your ‘me time’

Before we even get into the things you might like to try, you’ve got to make sure that you have some time available in the first place. If you are a busy girl, it’s easy to let your time alone slip and let work and chores take priority. You are going to have to be disciplined about this, so put some time in your diary for your time alone and make sure you stick to it, whatever else is happing in your life.

2. Don’t try to pack too much into your ‘me time’

Remember that this is supposed to be the time that you unwind and relax. As we said in the introduction, there are no rules about ‘me time’, but we suggest that you don’t try to cram too many things into your time alone.

If you do, you will end up being just as busy and as stressed as you are at any other time and that just defeats the whole point  of ‘me time’.

3. Do things that you wouldn’t usually do

As they say, a change is as good as a rest, so fill your ‘me time’ with activities that you usually don’t get time to do. That doesn’t mean catching up on the work emails you didn’t answer last week! It doesn’t matter if it’s doing a chore at home, taking up a hobby, or doing absolutely nothing at all. If you make it something that is not usually in your regular schedule, you will feel far more like you have had a proper break.

4. Go technology free

If you really want to get away from it all for a while and make your ‘me time’ really special, unplug yourself from your phone and your other devices. You will have a far better quality of time alone if you don’t have your phone buzzing in your ear and email notifications going off in front of your eyes. Even if you don’t answer your messages, they will still distract you and you will only be worried about what they contain.

5. Socialise with people who have nothing to do with work

‘Me time’ is down time and that means not even thinking or talking about work! You can take your time out to be with other people, but it is better if those people that you do socialise with have absolutely nothing to do with your work.

Go and have coffee with some people who don’t know anything about your job, because, if you go out with colleagues from work, the conversation will inevitably turn back to business at some point.

6. Don’t let ‘me time’ go to waste

We aren’t going to tell you what to do with your ‘me time’, because the time is yours to enjoy how you like. What we will say though, is that it is very easy to let your ‘me time’ slip by without you even having the chance to enjoy it.

Rather than stay in bed until lunchtime, you will get more out of a day off work, if you get up early and then just take things easy from there. What you don’t want to do is to find yourself at the end of the day, before it feels like it hasn’t even started.

7. Take a bit of gentle exercise

Whether it’s swimming or a walk in the country, a little bit of gentle exercise during your ‘me time’ is a great way to unwind and clear your mind. These are the types of things you can do when your ‘me time’ is restricted to just an hour or two. It will be good for the body and good for the soul.

8. Take yourself out on a date

Another way to relax and enjoy some of your own company is to take yourself out in a date. Who says that dinner and a movie has to be for two! Sometimes, taking in a movie or watching a show is even more enjoyable when you are on your own. Then, you can finish off your perfect date with a quiet dinner for one at your favourite restaurant. No fuss, no hassles, and no one else to worry about but you.

9. Try your hand at something creative

A lot of people use their ‘me time’ to explore their creative sides. Some time alone is the perfect time to put pen to paper and start writing that book you always said you had in you, or get out the paints and brushes, and see if you could be the next Van Gogh, or Rembrandt. Time alone is also definitely the best time to learn how to play a musical instrument as well; especially, if you want to learn to play the violin!

10. Make ‘me time’ the time to review your dreams

‘Me time’ is the time for a little bit of personal reflection too. People are often so busy that they don’t get the time to ask the big questions like: “Where are am I going and where do I want to be next year?” Use your time alone to reflect on how close you are to achieving your dreams and thinking about what you need to do next to make those dreams a reality.

Do you often take time for yourself?

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