Let’s talk about femininity. Growing up, lots of us thought we knew exactly what femininity was. As long as we dressed up in a flowery summer dress, wore our mother’s high heels to the school dance party and coated our lips in bright red lipstick, we were feminine as can be.

The only thing we then needed to do to really top things off was place our hand on our hips at all times.

But there is a difference between looking like a lady and acting like one. And when I was growing up, I have to admit that I had great difficulty executing the last part of the deal. Sure, I sported polka dot dresses and the highest of heels, but I was not what you’d call feminine. I would swear like a sailor, get drunk with the boys behind the bike shed after school, and I didn’t mind belching in Taco Bell.

So how does a lady act? Let’s take a look with our top 10 tips on how to be more feminine.


It’s time to relax and take it easy – because that’s what feminine ladies do best. We take deep, luxurious baths scented with salts and bubbling over with colourful bubbles.

We go for a massage to help relieve tension, or take leisurely strolls in the park with our dog.

It’s important to feel relaxed rather than stressed. Stress removes the femininity from you, turning life into a chore that we find hard to work our way through. Instead of washing our hair with a new herbal shampoo, we’re instead tearing it out because the printer has got jammed yet again.

Be Grateful For The Present Moment

I used to be the woman who would rush around all day. I’d wake up late for work, bolt down the stairs, quickly brew a pot of coffee before burning my tongue. Then I’d sail into the shower, stubbing my toe on the side of the bus in the process.

By the time I got onto the bus, I was ready to scream at anyone who dared to touch me.

It’s not very lady-like, but I realised that I just wasn’t living in the present moment.

When you live in the present moment (and are grateful for living in it), you appreciate everything around you. You take a moment to appreciate the way a newly blossomed petal sways in the wind, and the way the sun covers the trees in the shade. You appreciate the sound of traffic in the morning as something sonorous in its own way.

Essentially, you slow down and awaken your senses to the world. It’s a fabulous feeling.


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