Having a poor image of your own body is more common than you might have thought, so if you look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see; you are not the only one that feels that way about their body. If you do feel that way, it doesn’t matter how many times you read about how beauty is only skin deep and that it’s what’s on the inside that really counts, but there are things that you can do that will help you to appreciate your body more. We can all be too self-critical at times, and we exaggerate in our own minds the negative feelings we have about our bodies. If you have concerns over how you think your body looks, read these ten tips that we hope will help you to appreciate the body that you live in and give you a more positive body image.

1. Make a list of the things that you do like about your body

Make a list of ten things that you do like about your body and try and focus on those. It could be your eyes, your hair, or the fact that you have voluptuous figure. Read that list to yourself every day and you will become more and more aware of the things that you do like about your body and it won’t be long before you are adding new things to that list.

2. Hang out with the right people

People can be so cruel sometimes, but not everyone is that way. If you socialise with the type of people who make spiteful remarks about other people’s appearance, then that is going to make you feel uncomfortable and more self-conscious, even if those remarks are not directed at you. People who make nasty comments about others don’t deserve your friendship, so hang out with people who appreciate people for who they are instead of how they look.

3. Shut out the negative thoughts

What is in your own mind is under your control, so choose to shut out your negative body image thoughts and replace them with positive ones. It sounds too simple to be true, doesn’t it? It does work, though. The next time you find your head filled with those negative thoughts, get your list of things that you like about your body out and force yourself to think about those instead.

4. Stop looking at media that upsets you

One of the main reasons that negative body image has become such a common thing in recent years is the way that media projects its own idea of the perfect body. The celebrity world is obsessed with body image, so stay away from things like celebrity gossip and other media outlets that focus far too much on how people look.

5. Stop comparing yourself with other people

No one is perfect and, when you look at another person and you compare your legs with hers, or your hips, or whatever it is about your own body that you don’t like, you are ignoring all the other imperfections that the other person has. You simply cannot make a direct comparison between two people like that, because we are all so different. Quit comparing yourself to other people altogether and concentrate on starting to love who you are.

6. Take care of your body

You only get one body, so take care of the one that you have and you will come to appreciate it more. If you don’t already exercise, then start up an exercise routine and get yourself fit. If you exercise more, you will get to know your body better and, the fitter you are, the more self-confidence you will have.

7. Find a new purpose in life

People who are busy following their dreams and doing the things that they love don’t have the time to worry about how they look. So perhaps you need to start looking for a new purpose in your life. Take up a new hobby, study for a new qualification or start doing some volunteer work. Improving your whole life would be far more satisfying than worrying about how you look.

8. Appreciate what your body does do for you

Your body is truly amazing, so don’t keep on running it down! Think about all the incredible things that your body does for you; you can breathe, you can laugh, it gets you from A to B, and lets you follow your dreams. Whatever you think about what your body looks like, it does a wonderful job of looking after you, so give it a break and start to concentrate on what’s great about your body.

9. Remember all the people who love you the way you are

The people who really care about you don’t even notice the things that you think are wrong with your body, so why do you worry about it so much. Your friends and family love you for who you are and not the size of your nose, or the shape of your body.

10. Face the facts

Whoever you are and however you look, the truth is that there will always be somebody who is slimmer than you, has longer legs than you, or has thicker hair. None of that makes you any less of a person; it’s a part of what makes you an individual. The world would be a pretty boring place if we all looked the same, so celebrate your uniqueness and just enjoy who you are.

Stay beautiful!


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