A girl never can tell what will happen in a day, so your handbag should contain all the essentials that you might need to cover any eventuality.

So, clear out all the junk that you have been carrying around and replace it with what could turn out to be the lifesaving essentials. Here are 10 things you probably never put in your handbag, but probably should.

1. Pain killers

One thing that many people forget is to have a couple of painkillers in their bag. You never know when a headache might strike and it’s not always convenient to go out to a store. This can be especially important when you are staying away from home, as many hotels don’t stock painkillers anymore for health and safety reasons.

2. Sanitary products

Mother Nature can take you by surprise sometimes, so don’t be caught out without any tampons or pads. Even if you can set your calendar by your monthly cycle, you could be a life-saver for a friend.

3. Some cash

Always have some cash with you, even if you think you can pay everywhere by card these days. If you get caught on a date with the most boring man you have ever met, you might want to make a quick exit out the back door and get a cab home.

4. Headphones

Headphones is another useful item that we can put in our purse. If you’ll ever need a moment for yourself in your day, you can simply plug up your headphones and ignore the whole world around you.

Or, in case you want to walk home, rather than drive, to get some exercise in, you can listen to your favorite tunes along the way and enjoy the moment.

5. Sewing kit

Missing buttons, a slight tear in a skirt or a broken zipper…they can all happen to anyone, so be prepared for wardrobe malfunctions too, with a small sewing kit and some safety pins.

It will be much better than walking around all the day trying to hold your blouse together, or worst still, exposing more than you ever intended to.

6. Hand sanitizer

Everyone rushes out to the store to buy hand sanitizer when there is an avian flu scare, but they seem to forget the importance of keeping hands clean afterward.

Germs hide, literally, everywhere and they are easily transferred to your face and lips from your hands. Always have a mini-bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag for those times when you can’t get to a washroom to wash your hands.

7. Sunglasses

Even if it’s raining when you leave your home, the sun could still shine brightly later. Keep a pair of sunglasses in your bag, so you can protect your eyes, even on winter days when you don’t expect any sunshine at all.

8. Wet wipes

Wet wipes are handy for tackling all kinds of misadventures, from makeup smears to ‘soup down the blouse’ disasters. Keep a handy travel pack of wet wipes in your handbag and you can quickly and easily wipe away any spills that occur during the day. Wiping up a spill quickly will also help stop it from staining clothes too.

9. Mints or gum

There’s nothing worse than breathing the smell of someone else’s garlic lunch and wine, so don’t let that be you. Pop some breath mints or gum in your bag and you’ll be able to choose anything from the menu at lunchtime without the fear of having bad breath later.

10. A spare house key

Whatever else goes wrong in the day, you will definitely want to be able to get into your home when you get back again. Keep a spare key at the bottom of your bag and you will never get locked out of your home. You may not use it for years and you’ll probably even forget that it’s there, but you sure will be glad that you had it, when you do eventually need it.

What do you put in your purse?


Source: BeautyAndTips