hardWe all go through some tough times in our lives and, although we don’t realise at the time, it is those difficult patches that define who we are and make us wiser and stronger. Some people seem to be able to handle those dips in fortune better than others, and that could be because they don’t lose sight of some of the truths that we all should try to remember. The world is a tough, crazy place and sometimes it can get you down, so read these ten things that you should remember, the next time things get tough for you.

1. Things do change

When things are not going your way, it’s easy to think that it will stay that way forever. Of course, that is not true, because things do pass and things do change. Nothing is truly permanent and we can do things to change our situation. It a take time, but if we take the appropriate action, we can change bad times to good.

2. Accept the facts

What makes hard times so difficult to handle is that we try our best not to accept them. If you accept the circumstances that you find yourself in, then you will be able to cope with them far better. If you are short of money, then make some cutbacks. If you are dealing with bereavement, accept your loss and be grateful for what you did have. It’s only when you accept where you are now that you will be able to move on to better times.

3. Keep things in perspective

We are often our worst enemy and we blow things out of all proportion. If you have a problem to deal with, then ask yourself, is it really the end of the world, or is just a problem that will pass. Treat a bad episode in life as something you can learn from, and it will help you to see it for what it really is.

4. You can’t control everything

You should always remember that there are some things over which you have no control. You can’t take responsibility for everything. Sometimes things just happen, and sometimes other people are the cause, and you shouldn’t blame yourself for things that are completely out if your control.

Image result for when going through hard times5. Keep thinking positively

Life never runs totally smoothly, so you have to try and put a positive spin on things. Even in the toughest times, if you look hard enough, you will find something that you can be grateful for and you will also be able to see an end to the hard times. It sounds like a bit of cliché, but positive thinking can be an extremely powerful force for change.

6. Remember all the things that you have achieved

As you work your way through hard times, it is important not to lose sight of what you have achieved. Even if the end may seem far off, look back and congratulate yourself for getting through it so far and look back at the progress you have made.

7. Show yourself some kindness

Remember to take care of yourself when you are going through hard times, because you will need all your strength to come through it. Remember to eat properly and take care of your body, but also, don’t forget to take care of your mind. Give yourself a break sometimes form whatever it is that is causing you the problem, because a fresh perspective can often find a better solution.

8. There is always something to be grateful for

Get clear in your mind what you have to be grateful for and don’t let your problems be the only thing in your mind. Write out a list of all things that you are grateful to have and remember that, however bad things get, there will always still be some good things in your life.

9. Allow yourself to have some fun

You don’t need to punish yourself because some things have gone wrong; you are still allowed to have some fun! Make some time to do the things that you enjoy, even if it’s only for a small amount of time. It will give you a break from the stress of the hard times and take you away from it all for a while.

10. Don’t quit

Above all else, never give in. We may not be able to solve problem that we are faced with in life, but we can get through them. If you persevere and stay strong, these bad times will eventually be a thing of the past and then you can look back on these times and be proud of the way that you handled it.

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