10 Things to avoid when texting your crush

texting-crossing-street-400x400-400x330Okay, you’ve managed to do something you thought you’d never do: you’ve finally got hold of your crush’s number.

That’s obstacle number 1 all done and dusted. Game over and all that, right?

Well, not quite. See, now it’s time to try and flirt with your crush without embarrassing yourself to such an extent that you pretend your phone was hacked.

This is not easy. We all get a little bit giddy when it comes to texting a hottie, and we can easily just freak-out and send a text that was meant to be fun but which is actually just a little bit cringe.

But how do you go about keeping your cool when texting your crush? Well, you could take a look at our top 10 things to avoid when texting your crush.

1. Don’t Include A Caption With Your Images

You probably want to elicit a response from your crush, and you know that the easiest way to do that is to send a text with words in it.

Even better is a text with a question.

But if you’ve decided to share an image, it’s essential that you don’t send a picwith words. Just send the pic and be done with it!

2. Do Not Send Risqué Photos

He’s your crush, not your lover.

For this reason, it’s highly unlikely that he’s going to appreciate a naked pic of yourself. Especially if a) he didn’t even know you were crushing on him, and b) he doesn’t actually fancy you back.

And he definitely won’t appreciate it if c) he didn’t even know you had his number!

Like, “Hey! I got your number off your pal, Joey. Here’s a pic of me. Having a good day?”

Not cool.

3. Don’t Keep On Laughing

If you keep on finish every single text with “hahaha” or, worse still, “LOL”, he’ll quickly get annoyed. It’s just cringe, and he’ll assume that you’re just as giggly in real life.

And being that giggly is not attractive. It smacks of lameness and a lack of intelligence. Instead, keep things cool and just don’t laugh unless it’s really appropriate. Because laughing after saying that you “really don’t want to go to work” is not really appropriate. It’s just weird and annoying.

4. Don’t Keep On Texting

Yeah, he might actually reciprocate your crush and he might be interested in you. But this doesn’t mean that you are free to break the seal and text him until the cows come home.

A rampant tester is a surefire sign of a clingy woman, and by refusing to give him any personal space you’re sending out all the wrong messages. Instead, you should back-off a little and allow him time to actually get on with his day. A constant “beeping” sound from his phone will just get on his nerves. Like, Oh, it’s her again. 

5. Don’t Text When He’s Busy

Okay, he’s just told you that he’s going to be real busy for the next 2 hours, so what do you do? Do you:

A) Bombard him with texts anyway

B) Give him his space

If you answered A to this question, you need help and I’m afraid even we can’t help you. If you answered B, however, you’re doing just great. Keep reading.

6. Don’t Ask If He’s Received Your Text

Maybe you could ask him once if he received your text a few hours ago, but asking him more than once – and on more than one occasion – is just annoying and really not cool at all.

Yep, waiting for a response is painful, but you’ve just got to fight the temptation not to over-text. If you don’t, you’ll come across as needy and this will be a massive turn-off for the guy.

7. Don’t Wait Too Long To Reply

Sure, you don’t want to bombard him with texts and you don’t want to come across as clingy. At the same, though, you don’t want to take too long to respond to his texts.

If you keep on waiting too long to reply to his texts, it will only backfire. Rather than show him that you’re interested and that you’re playing hard to get, refraining from texting too often will only say to him that you’re actually not interested at all!

Which is not what you want. So whilst it’s fine to keep him hanging now and then, certainly don’t make a habit of it. Okay?

8. Don’t Give One-Word Answers

Ladies, guys hate the one-word text. Fewer things in life are indeed worse than receiving a one-word answer to a carefully constructed text that take positivelyages to write out.

So whilst you really might have nothing more productive to say than a single word, you’ve really got to make some effort here. This is a guy you’re crushing on, and unless you want to seem like The Most Boring Person In The World, you’ll need to be a bit creative with your replies.

9. Don’t Refer To Facebook

What we mean by this is don’t admit to him that you’ve been indulging in a bit of Facebook stalking.

We all love a bit of Facebook stalking, but actually saying to your crush that, “Oh yeah, I saw that on Facebook,” is a huge no-no.

A little part of them will be flattered, but mostly they’ll be a teeny bit wary.

10. Don’t Remind Him That You’re Single

It’s absolutely not cool to say to him that you really want to be in a relationship and that you’re fed up with being single.

Not only does it all seem a smidgen desperate, but the guy might actually misinterpret what you are saying.

Rather than assume that you’re trying to hint that he’s the one you want to be with, he might actually get the feeling that you’re simply saying that you just want to be with someone – and not necessarily him!

So instead of brazenly shouting from the rooftops that this single malarkey is not for you, just focus your attention on him.

source: citifmonline.com