iiWhen you fall in love, everything changes. Suddenly, nothing else really matters as much as it used to and the only thing that really counts is being with your man. Anyone who has been there, will know exactly what we mean, but how would you explain to someone else? For anyone looking on from the outside, you probably  look like you are acting a little bit crazy and they won’t understand what’s going on. You won’t care, though, because you are having the time of your life. Love is weird, love is wonderful and love can wear you out, but here are ten things that only a woman who is truly in love would understand.

1. You just can’t stop looking at him

Even though you’ve been with him all day, you still can’t take your eyes off him. What’s even weirder is that you start to find even the minutest little feature of his face fascinating and wonderful. Like that little mole he has just under his chin, or that way his lip curls, ever so slightly, when he smiles. In fact, the more you study him, the more you realise that there is not a single thing about him that isn’t perfect.

2. You can’t stop talking about him

The guy is so perfect that you are going to have to tell your friends all about him, again and again. For some odd reason, a woman in love seems to have the need to drop the subject of her new man into every single conversation she has. You better hope that you have some very patient and understanding friends when you fall in love, because they are going to be hearing a lot about this new guy who has come into your life.

3. It feels weird when you are separated

Even if he’s only away for a few hours, you start to miss him and feel anxious. You also worry about him a lot too. You have this feeling that the only place he will be safe is with you and, if he spends too long in the men’s room, you start to worry that something has happened to him in there.

4. You notice that he smells great

This is one that no one will understand if they have never been in love. You love the way that he smells. We are not talking about his cologne here, anyone can buy a bottle of aftershave; it is his own special smell that you can’t get enough of. You smell it when you hug him, you smell it when he’s sleeping beside you and, when he’s away; you can still smell him on your own clothes.

5. You can’t concentrate on anything when he’s not around

When you are in love and you away from your man, you just can’t focus your mind on anything. Your friends could be sat either side of you having an animated conversation, and you won’t hear a word of what has been said. You could also be sat your desk at work for an hour and have done nothing but stare into space and twiddle with your pen. You are just waiting for the time to pass until you can see him again.

6. Your senses light up when you are with him

When he is around everything seems more intense. TV shows are funnier than they have ever been before, food has never tasted so great, and the sky really does seem to be a more vivid blue. Even a downpour of rain is no longer a problem, because you can smell how fresh it makes the air and hear how wonderful the sound of the rain hitting the pavement is.

7. You can’t learn enough about him

You also get an intense desire to know everything that is to know about him. You want to hear stories of his childhood, you want to know about his friends, what he’s been doing, where he’s been; you want to know everything!

8. You want everyone else to be in love

Your brain gets so wired with the love hormones, you want everyone to be happy and in love too. You become far more caring and you don’t want to hear any nasty gossip about other people. You would probably step in to break up an argument between other people too, because you don’t want any bad feelings ruining the wonderful way that you feel.

9. You stop noticing other guys

You don’t just stop dating other guys; you don’t even notice them anymore. The really cute guy in the office that everyone else talks about suddenly becomes very uninteresting and ordinary. Even looking at, or talking about another man would feel almost like you are being unfaithful to the man that you love.

10. You want each moment to last forever

Every single moment becomes a precious one that you wish could last forever. Time becomes less important to you and you could easily sit for hours on end just talking, or sitting quietly together watching TV. It doesn’t really matter what you are doing, or what is going on elsewhere. As long as you are together; that’s all that really matters to you when you are in love.

source: beautyandtips.com