womIt’s easy sometimes, to get so caught up in worrying about the things that we don’t have, and stressing over what other people do have, that we forget all about the things that we have that we should be grateful for. Being a woman can be tough in ways that men will never understand, but being a woman also brings joy that a man will never know. Everyone has their own unique talents and abilities that they should be thankful for, but there are some of the basics that we often overlook. So let’s try and forget the problems and the worries for a while, and take a look at ten of the things that every woman can be grateful for.

1. Your wonderful sense of compassion

Your compassion is something that you can be proud of and thankful for. It’s that ability that you have to understand someone else’s pain and the desire that you have to relieve it. Sometimes compassion can seem a burden because it feels like you care too much. The truth is, though, compassion is a gift and no one can ever be too compassionate.

2. Your courage

Let’s not forget the courage that it took to get this far. Instead of feeling down about breakups, hardships, and disappointments that you may have had, be grateful that you had the courage to come through them and carry on. God has given you the strength to carry on, be thankful, because He has seen you through some pretty tough times.

3. Your beautiful body

As a woman, your body is more than just a vehicle to carry you around, it’s an absolute wonder of nature that can bear a child and nurture it. A woman’s body is a thing of beauty, whatever shape or size it is, and that’s why it is the subject of so many wonderful works of art. It’s also just the amazing thing that keeps you alive and lets you do all the things that you enjoy, so don’t take your body for granted; love it and be thankful for it.

4. Your mind

Your mind can take you to places where you can dream, your mind can lead you to new adventures, and your mind makes you who you are. Every single day, your mind is storing away little bits of information, organising them, and working out what will be useful and what will not. While all that’s going on, your mind still lets you laugh, love and cry, so it’s definitely something that we all should be thankful for.

5. Your ability to bring new life into the world

By just being a woman, should you choose to, you have the ability to bring new life into the world, and that’s a miracle that you can be truly grateful for. Having a child, nurturing it and then watching your offspring grow into fully rounded human being, is one the most wonderful experience that a person can have.

6. Your sensitive nature

So, you cry at sad movies and weddings…that sensitivity is what makes you so special. It’ also what makes you care so much about other people, and makes you so kind. Don’t be embarrassed by it, celebrate it, because it’s far better than it would be to be a hard hearted block of ice with no feelings at all.

7. The people you love

The people who you love are a gift to be grateful for. Friends, family, children…they all have a very special place in your heart. They make you laugh, cry and even despair, but you wouldn’t want to be without them, would you?

8. Your patience

We may not all be able to keep our temper, all the time, but for those times that you can bite your tongue – that’s something to be thankful for. Women do have more patience than men, most of the time, so that’s a virtue that you can be proud of. It will also help keep you healthy too, because you will suffer less stress and anxiety.

9. Your sense of humour

Your ability to laugh and to make other people laugh is a talent to be thankful for. It’s your laughter that gets you through tricky situations, and it’s your laughter that lights up other people’s lives. A sense of humour doesn’t fix problems, but it sure does make them easier to cope with.

10. Today

Every day that you wake up is a day that you can be thankful for. Each day brings the opportunity to meet new people, make a difference and to discover new things. Each day also gives you the chance to put things right, or to start over again, and that’s got to be worth saying thank you to someone for.

source: beautyandtips.com

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