lifEveryone has times in their lives when they think they are getting nowhere fast and perhaps, even think that they are failures, but often we ignore all the important things that we have achieved and take for granted. You may not drive a super-car and you may not be famous, but there could well be signs that you are doing just fine that you are overlooking. So, don’t go thinking that the grass is always greener on the other side, take a closer look at your own life and learn to appreciate just what you have done. Have a look at these ten indications that you are doing just great in life, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

1. You don’t really have that much to complain about

Actually when you really think about it, you don’t have a lot to complain about at all. You may not particularly like your job, but you have one. Some more money would be nice, but you don’t really have to go without anything important. You have pretty much all you need and the rest, well, that would be the icing on the cake.

2. You’ve stopped caring so much about what other people think

If you have stopped caring what other people think and you are putting yourself and your family first, then that shows that you have grown as person and that you now have your priorities right. You have accepted that you can’t please all the people all the time and, what they think is no longer as important to you as it used to be.

3. You understand and accept that life doesn’t always go to plan

Like everyone else, you will have had your fair share of setbacks and failures, but you don’t obsess over them anymore, you have accepted that it’s just a part of life. You now look back at failures and see the important lesson that you learned from them, not just what you might have lost through them.

4. You can be pleased at other people good fortune

Another sign that you have really come a long way towards being a rounded and compete person is that you no longer envy people for their success; you are able to congratulate them and be pleased for them instead. You now see jealously as being a rather immature emotion and you’d rather share in a person’s happiness than begrudge them for it.

Image result for doing life great5. Your relationships are stable and reliable

As people mature and grow, their relationships become less dramatic and volatile, both in terms of partners and friends. You are getting on well in life, if you have friends that you can trust and rely on, and they know that they can say the same of you. The fireworks and the tantrums have stopped and been replaced with a far more mature attitude to both love and friendship.

6. You accept what can’t be changed

You’ve also got used to the fact that you can’t control everyone and everything that goes on around you. What you can do, however, is change the way that you adapt to situations and how you cope with things that are outside of your control. Things don’t faze you like they used to, because you have become better at dealing with what life has to throw at you.

7. You are willing to ask for help when you need it

If you have accepted that you can’t do everything on your own, then you have successfully learned one of the big lessons of life. You have stopped feeling that you always need to impress, and have started to ask for help when you need it. You now appreciate that things get done much better, and a lot quicker, when people work together as a team.

8. You are able to forgive

You have learned that it really isn’t at all worthwhile holding on to grudges. You know that being able to forgive yourself, as well as other people, is the way to avoid bitterness and unhappiness. You have now made your own happiness a priority, so you are more willing to forgive, forget and move on.

9. You have all the basics that you need

Let’s not forget that not everyone has even the basics that many of us take for granted. You are doing OK in life if you have food to eat, a bed to sleep in and a roof over your head. While we all dream and strive for something better, we shouldn’t overlook the fact that we have successfully created a life for ourselves where we don’t ever go without the basic necessities.

10. You have the chance to make things better

We all, from time to time, feel that we could have done better, or could have had more, but we are doing just great in life if we know that, should we chose to, we have the opportunities to do more. When you have reached the stage that you don’t have to fight to stay just as you are, then you know that you are doing just fine.

source: beautyandtips.com

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