10 romantic date night ideas every couple must try


Owning to our increasingly busy schedules in 2016, it’s hard for ourselves and our partners to spend as much quality time together as we’d like. You work 25/8 and so does he. So pretty much the only time you spend together is when you’re holding him in bed as he snores. Cute.

This is why Date Night was invented. Date Night makes sure couples do something fun together at least once a month (or maybe even once a week if you’re lucky!).

But to make sure that even Date Night doesn’t become boring by virtue of the fact that it’s predictable and “oh darn, it’s Date Night again tonight! And I’ve got SO much ironing to do!”, it’s important you and your man keep coming up with especially romantic Date Night ideas that are different and exciting.

After all, we all need something to look forward to. So here are 10 of our best romantic Date Night ideas every couple must try.


When I suggest going on a picnic to people, they are either react really positively, like “OMG Yes! A picnic would be so amazing!”

Or they frown, scratch their face and grump “Oh, I dunno. A picnic sounds like a lot of hassle.”

True, a picnic can be a bit of hassle – but it doesn’t have to be. You can have a romantic picnic underneath the stars in your own back yard or on your balcony!

All you need for a picnic is a check list of items, which usually includes food, drinks, towel and sanitary wipes.

You can make it extra cosy and romantic by taking along a blanket and getting snug underneath it together.

Aww. Can I come??

Just Have Dinner At Home

This might sound like cheating because surely you’re supposed to leave the house for Date Night, right? Sure, but if there is nothing wrong with spending some quality time together in the house.

Look at it like this. The concept of Date Night was conceived to strengthen the bonds between a couple who haven’t had much time for each other recently. As such, Date Night means we’ve got a reason to head out of the house and do something together.

But as a consequence, we continue to neglect the time we spend together at home. We bung TV dinners in the microwave, fall asleep in front of Netflix, and whizz in and out of the house like bluebottles. We don’t spend much quality time together indoors. But it’s okay because Date Night has got us covered.

Spending an evening together working on, and then eating, a romantic evening dinner means that you two are finally giving each other some proper attention inside the house.

It’s okay heading out on amazing dates. But if you can’t relax and enjoy each other’s company inside the home, then something is wrong.

A Boat Ride

When I was younger, I had a fascination with getting married on a boat. For whatever reason, a boat just seemed so romantic! It still does.

This date night might be a tad more expensive than some others, but if you can pull it off it could be the most amazing date night you’ll ever have.

It isn’t at all complicated either. All you need is a boat, a pretty location, some food and drink, and a blanket. And then it’s just you and your man drifting off into the sunset. Doesn’t that sound heavenly?

(Just make sure he loves the water and doesn’t get sea sick)

A Bike Ride

If you can’t afford to hire a boat, heading out on your bikes can be just as fun.

Hitting some trails as the setting sun sinks behind the horizon is magical. Free from your home and your car, you’ll both feel liberated on your bikes.

Pack a rucksack for when you get hungry and thirsty.

And definitely pack a map!

Go On A Date Night Getaway

Who says that Date Night has to take place inside your own city? No one!

Surprise your partner by heading to another city for the night. Book into a hotel, dine somewhere different, and spend the evening exploring a new place. It’s incredibly thrilling, rewarding – and romantic.

The Theatre

If you two fancy getting cultured one evening, why not swap Netflix for some drama at the theatre?

The theatre gives you both the chance to get dressed up to the nines. You could pick a riveting evening of drama, or you could go and see a compelling ballet piece.

Or, if you’re really up for it, why not enjoy an opera together or an absorbing Shakespeare play?

You could, of course, stick to a jolly musical or a funny play. The choice is yours!

Play Games

Like the dinner date night, this one also takes place inside your own home. It’s really a substitute Date Night for when Date Night swings around at a bad time – for example, when you’ve unexpectedly had to pay a bill and can no longer afford to head out on a boat.

Board games are tremendous fun, and you can ramp up the romance by introducing forfeits and dares.


If both of you aren’t afraid of getting up in front of other people and singing a few romantic songs, heading to a karaoke night could be the most fun idea you’ve ever had.

Karaoke is fun in general. But when you turn into Lionel Richie and Diana Ross, it’s fun and romantic.

Not sure you can pull off Beyonce and Christina Aguilera, though. But hey, maybe!

Go To Dance Classes

When I suggest this particular date night to people, most are really up for it, but some are sceptical.

“Why would we want to take classes on Date Night?” they ask with a raised eyebrow.

But dance classes are arguably the most FUN classes you and your partner will ever take. Dance classes are essentially a form of workout, which means that your body releases more endorphins, thus making you and your man happier.

Dance classes are also a great way of getting up, close and personal with your partner, and could lead to something even more romantic when you get home …

The Beach

Spending the night together on a secluded beach as the porcelain moon smiles at you while the waves gently caress your toes sounds like heaven.

Take some food and drink along, as well as a blanket, for the most blissful and romantic Date Night EVER.


Source: psychologytoday