vacAre you one of the workaholics who think that they don’t have time for a vacation? If you are, you could be missing out on far more than a few weeks in the sun, because studies have proven that people who don’t take breaks are less healthy and less efficient, than those people who do. Even if you can’t afford an exclusive break on a deserted tropical island, you should still get a break from work and, if you don’t know why it is so important, read these ten compelling reasons why you should take a vacation, however busy you are.

1. You will live longer

When we say you will live longer, we don’t mean by a few days, a few months, or an extra year, we mean by twenty percent longer! In a study of 12,000 people that was conducted by the State University of New York, researchers found that those who took regular vacations reduced their risk of dying younger by twenty percent.

2. Your productivity will increase

You will be able to get even more done when you get back from a vacation and you will be able to do it much better too. When you take a short break from it all and relax, you will come back from your vacation feeling far more energised and positive, and you will work a lot better than you did before you went away.

3. It will improve your ability to make decisions

When you are rested, you will be able to make much better decisions, both in terms or your work and your home life. You will feel calmer and be able to think things through properly. You might even get some inspirational ideas for the future while you are away. Most people actually come up with their best ideas when they are away from work and relaxing.

4. It will help keep your relationship on track

Taking a vacation could even save your marriage! All the best relationship advice tells you not to get stuck in a rut, and a holiday in the sun is the ideal way to get out of the day to day routines. There was a study that was published in a Wisconsin Medical Journal that showed that women who took two or more vacations a year were more likely to be happy with their marriage.

5. You will be helping someone else

Many people rely on tourism for their livelihoods, so let’s not forget those people too! Many of the popular vacation destinations are in countries that are not as well developed as your own and, if everyone stayed away, a lot of people would have no jobs.

6. It will make you happier, all year round

A vacation won’t just make you happy for the time you are away; it will improve your happiness for the rest of the year too. With a vacation, you get the excitement and anticipation beforehand and the happiness that you feel when you come home again. Surveys have shown that people who take regular vacations are more content with their lives, the whole year round.

7. You see things from a new perspective

Getting away from the daily grind will also give you a chance to take a step back and take a look at where you are going. It gives you the time to reflect and ponder on life and look at the wider picture for a change. Travelling also broadens your horizons and provides you with an opportunity to see things from a whole new perspective.

8. It reduces stress

Taking breaks is also the best way to alleviate stress. Just two weeks relaxing, away from the pressureImage result for things you can  do during vacation of work, will give you a chance to re-charge and it will dramatically reduce your stress levels. Yes, you will have to go back to work, but when you do, you will feel a lot stronger and a lot more able to deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life.

9. You get to have fun again

Quite apart from all these positive benefits, a vacation gives you the time to have some real fun. You can stay out late and not have to worry about getting up in the next morning, you can wear whatever you like, and you don’t have to work to any fixed schedule. You can do pretty much do whatever you feel like doing, and many people don’t get many chances to do that.

10. A vacation will be good for you and those around you

And lastly, it’s not just you that you will be doing a favour by taking a break, it’s your friends and family that will benefit too. We all get irritable when we get tired and then we are not a lot of fun to be around, so take a vacation, and everyone will be happier!

source: beautyandtips.com