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When did you last sit down and do some serious reading. We don’t mean flipping quickly through the pages of your favourite glossy magazine or glancing at the headlines in a daily newspaper. We mean reading a proper book, from cover.

If you are not reading regularly, then you could be missing out on a lot. Reading is not just a pastime; it opens your mind to all kinds of possibilities. Here are just ten of the many benefits that you could gain by reading just a few pages of a book every single day.

1. Reduces stress

A well written novel can transport you to another world and that’s the perfect medicine for an overload of stress. Distracting yourself from the day to day hassles of life will give you and your body a break from the stress and there is no better way of doing that than immersing yourself in a good book.

2. Expands your vocabulary

This is one of the more obvious benefits of reading, but it’s one that can help you in all aspects of life. If you have ever struggled to find the words to express yourself, then reading more could be your answer. Expanding your vocabulary will boost your self-confidence and it could even help you get on in your career. It will also help you better understand everything you hear and read.

3. Makes you more understanding of other people

Reading about other people’s experiences and difficulties can also make you a more understanding person. It’s very easy to judge people harshly when you don’t really understand their circumstances. When you read a lot, you learn what makes people tick and you gain a better understanding of different types of individuals and the situations they find themselves in.

4. Gives you more ambition

If you read a book that is set in a faraway land, it might give you the ambition to travel there and see it for yourself. If you read a book about someone show has changed their life around, it could be the starting point for you doing the same. Reading gives you a glimpse of other possibilities and it could well spur you on to chase more of your dreams.

5. Expands your knowledge

Just about every single book you read will provide you some information that didn’t know before. Even a very lightweight novel will contain some facts that you might be able to use at some time. That’s why you so often hear people saying “I don’t know how I know that; I must have read it somewhere”.

6. Improves concentration

Sometimes, we are so busy multi-tasking that we forget how to sit still and concentrate on one single thing. When you read a book, you have to concentrate on the words on the page and become totally absorbed in the story. Relearning that art of concentration could be useful for all kinds of things and it will help you to become more present as well.

7. Helps you sleep better at night

If you get into the habit of reading a few pages of a book just before you go to sleep, you will find that you sleep a lot better. Reading a book is really relaxing and it’s a much better way to prepare for sleep than watching the TV or looking at a computer screen is, because looking at the screens on electronic devices actually makes you feel more awake.

8. Improves your writing skills

It’s not only your vocabulary that will be improved by reading it’s also how you write too. You will pick up on how different authors put the words together, the sentence structure, and the grammar. You don’t have to be a full time writer to benefit from this; it will help you write better emails and letters at work as well.

9. Stimulates the mind

Reading also gets the brain cells working overtime and that could help prevent the onset of dementia when you get a bit older. Your brain is no different from any other part of your body; the more you exercise it, the healthier and more efficient it will become.

10. It is cheap entertainment

If all those benefits of reading haven’t convinced you to go out and buy a book, think about all the money you will save by becoming an avid reader. A book costs a fraction of the price that a ticket to see your favourite band, or going to the movies does and it will provide you with entertainment for days, not just a couple of hours.

Stay happy!


Source: BeautyAndTips