More often than not, people follow the career that will pay them the most money, or give them the greatest security, but very few people take the risk of following their passion. While money and material possessions are nice to have, whether or not they bring true happiness is debatable.

It would take a lot of courage to quit a stable, well-paying job to follow a dream, but some people do just that. Here are ten reasons why some people say that when you find your passion, you should follow your heart and pursue that passion with all you’ve got.

1. You will work because you want to

There’d be no more Monday morning blues if you followed your dream, because work isn’t work when you do something you love.

Wouldn’t it be a great feeling to wake before the alarm clock goes off, because you are so excited about starting the new day? Well, that’s the feeling that people who follow their passion get, because they love what they do.

2. You will put more into it

There are always times in any job that you are asked to go above and beyond the call of duty, but when you are working for something you believe in, that won’t seem like any kind of hardship at all.

When you are passionate about what you do, you will work harder and be more willing to go the extra mile when it’s needed.

3. You will feel more satisfaction

Bringing home the money is great, but it doesn’t really give you a sense of achievement, it’s just a means to an end.

When you work on something you are passionate about, you gain a sense of satisfaction and of achievement, because it’s no longer “just a job”, it’s much more important to you than that.

4. Doing something you hate will drag you down

Even if you are earning fantastic money, it still won’t compensate you enough for doing a job you hate.

We spend a huge amount of our time working, so why stick at a job that you can’t stand doing. You might be a lot happier if you were to accept that you will earn less money and do a job that you are passionate about.

5. You’ll feel more in control of your own life

When you are doing something because you want to, not because you have to, you will feel like you have regained control over your own life.

Following your heart and pursuing your passion is a big step to take, but you will feel great knowing that you, unlike many people, had the courage to do it.

6. You will be more creative and innovative

When you are pursuing your dreams, you will find that you are a lot more creative and innovative. In fact, your mind will be buzzing with ideas, 24/7, because you are so passionate about what you are doing. It can be a draining experience following your passion, but it’s also one of the most rewarding.

7. You will feel empowered

You won’t be wasting any time doing things just to please your boss when you do a job you love, you will be doing your very best to make things happen.

You will have a whole new outlook about work. You will give it 100%, every day, and you feel glad that you put in all that effort too.

8. You will be more willing to face challenges

Challenges and problems won’t get you down anymore, because you will be so determined to succeed. When you are passionate about something, you won’t let anything stand in the way of you achieving your goals, so you will face challenges head-on, and you will fight hard to win.

9. Because you will regret it if you don’t

If you follow your heart and you take on something that you are passionate about, at least, you will never be left wondering “What If?” If, deep down, you know you want to do something, if you never actually do it, you may regret your lack of courage for the rest of your life.

10. You will feel fulfilled

Doing a nine-to-five job, that you don’t enjoy, will never make you feel like you have achieved all that you could have done.

Some people would say that following your passion can mean the difference between merely existing, and actually living.

If you want to feel truly fulfilled, you need to do something you really care about. Whether you take the gamble and do it full time or it’s just a hobby that you are passionate about, trust in your heart and do it, and you will be glad that you did.


Source: BeautyandTips