When you receive a compliment, it makes you feel great about yourself and it can really make your day, but how good are you at giving compliments to your partner? Sometimes, when you are with the same person every day, you can start to take for granted that they always look good, or that they have done well at something, but we all need that little bit of encouragement that a sincere compliment can provide and it can mean even more when it comes from a person we love. Don’t let your partner’s efforts and achievements go unnoticed, compliment them today. Here are ten reasons why that compliment could be so important to them.

1. It will show that you notice what they do

It’s a common joke that husbands don’t even notice when their wife changes her hair, but men aren’t the only ones that are guilty of not noticing things. When did you last compliment your man on his haircut, or the new pair of shoes he bought? Compliments are a way of showing that you are paying attention and that you do care about what your partner does.

2. It reaffirms your attraction to your partner 

Compliments are a way of telling your partner that you still find him attractive, so, if he’s lost a few pounds lately, tell him how great his new, slim and trim figure looks. Anyone can get a bit insecure about their looks sometimes, so it never hurts to tell your partner that you still think he‘s hot.

3. It provides motivation

A little compliment, here and there, will inspire your partner to try even harder the next time. If he just toiled and sweated over putting a shelf up for you, tell him what a great job he’s done, and he’ll be more willing to get on with decorating the spare room you’ve been asking him to do for the past year. If he knows that you admire his handiwork, he’s going to want more of those compliments, so he’ll soon be onto the next job for you.

4. It will build self confidence

When you receive compliments at home, it can build your confidence in all aspects of your life. If you tell your partner how smart he looks, just before he sets off for a job interview, he’s going to stride into that interview room brimming with confidence and he’ll make a much bigger impression. When he knows that someone he cares about thinks that he’s great, other people’s opinions won’t matter so much to him, so he’ll feel a lot stronger and more confident of his own abilities.

5. It makes the relationship a more positive one

A Relationship that is filled with mutual compliments will be a far more positive relationship than one filled with constant criticism. There will always be disagreements and differences of opinion, but when they are set off by compliments, those difficult times won’t seem to be as important as they might have done. Acknowledging what is good about your partner and commenting on it will create a positive feeling about the relationship.

6. Compliments can be good for both of you

Giving your partner compliments can be good for you too, because it reminds you of the things that you love about him. We are all usually very quick to point out the faults in our partners and give them a hard time when they do something wrong, balancing that with a few compliments will help you to see what’s right about the relationship too.

7. You’ll get more compliments in return

All this complimenting won’t be a one way thing. Once you start the ball rolling, you’ll find that your partner wakes up the power of compliments too. You don’t want it become some kind of mutual appreciation society, that would be so false, but a little bit if two-way appreciation is never a bad thing in a relationship.

8. It will make him more creative

A compliment might even help your partner think his way through a problem he’s been stuck on. He could have a problem at work that you don’t know about and you telling him how impressed you are by the way he usually handles things could be just what he needs to inspire him to solve that problem. It’s strange, but when people are told they are good something, they usually become even better at it.

9. It will cultivate an atmosphere of appreciation and gratitude

As much as anything, a compliment shows your appreciation for your partner and that will stop him feeling like he is being taken for granted. Being noticed and being appreciated are things that we all need, because it tells us when we are getting things right.

10. It’s an easy way to make your partner feel good

A compliment will only take few seconds to make, but it will make your partner feel good and he’ll feel great for the rest of the day. It’s easy to do, it costs you nothing, and it will do you both the world of good, so why wouldn’t you give your partner a compliment when he deserves one?

Stay happy!


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