pcBest friends are awesome. Best friends are usually people you’ve known for over ten years.

They know all your secrets (yes, even that one you didn’t think they knew).

They were there for you during your biggest highs, lowest lows and stuck around even though you once told them to stay out of your life, when they told you he wasn’t right for you.  But what happens when your best friend is someone of the opposite sex and, one night, you find yourself so deeply attracted to them that you seriously considering hooking up with them? You might think this is cool; after all, it’s your best friend, so why shouldn’t you just casually hook up with them? They know everything there is to know about you, so they may as well see you naked!

But, actually, hooking up with your best friend is NOT cool, and here’s why.

You Won’t Be Able To Look Them In The Eye Again Without Feeling Awkward 

Even hooking up with a stranger is much more sensible…Okay, we’re not trying to say that one night stands could ever be termed sensible, but there is an important difference between hooking up with your bestie and hooking up with a total stranger, both of which we don’t recommend by the way.

When it comes to strangers, you simply don’t know whether the night was good, bad or indifferent; and you certainly don’t get the chance to relive your shame when you see them again the next day for coffee. But your best friend? Will you seriously be able to look them in the eye again without thinking, “Ugh. That was horrid” … ?

They’ll Talk

As you pull away from that first kiss, the first thing either of you will say will inevitably be, “I promise not to tell if you won’t tell.”

This is basically a lie. The truth is that girls will be girls and boys will be boys, and we will all talk. Making love to your best friend is not something you can keep under wraps for ever. Before you know it, your second best friend will know about it.

And then Facebook will know.

Knowledge Is Not Power

You know so much about your best friend. You know their hopes, dreams and fears. You know they want a career change and that nerves give them heartburn. You know they want to move to New York, and you know they’d do anything to be able to buy a brand new Ford Mustang.

But what you don’t know is that they grunt like a hyena during lovemaking. Unfortunately, you could do soon, if you consider to hook up with them. And this could change things for ever.

If It’s Bad, It’s Awkward

A bad night under the sheets happens. Even if you thought you were hooking up with the hottest person EVER, it doesn’t mean they will be torrid in bed.

When it’s your best friend that has just subjected you to the most awkward night of passion ever, there are going to be unpleasant repercussions that will last for a long, LONG time.

One Time Can Lead To More Times

The problem with hooking up with your best friend is that if it’s bad, things become awkward between the pair of you. But if it’s good, things can get complicated.

All of a sudden, you find yourself wanting them again. So you hook up a second time. And then a third time. And then a FOURTH TIME…WHAT ARE WE DOING!?

After three or four times, it becomes a “thing.” Those late night texts that used to be about fun things are now about hooking up. You’re involved and you pretty much can’t escape.

It’s Hard To Return To The Friend Zone…You Can Lose Your Best Friend

When you’re in the friend zone, things are cool. Everyone knows their positions and nobody is unhappy. Things are sweet.

When you hook up, you momentarily leave the friend zone and enter the “hooking up zone”. This is a really, REALLY fun zone for a few minutes. But when the fun is over, the lights dim, the heating goes off and it’s time to head back to the friend zone.

One problem: the friend zone is now locked. Oh no! You’re trapped in the cold darkness of the hooking-up zone, where you can still smell the sweat.

Hooking up often means that returning to being just good friends is not easy. You feel differently about each other, and things are often ruined. You can lose your best friend. Not cool.

They Might Want More

You just wanted to hook up. They did too.

But now they want to date you, marry you and perhaps have kids with you. After all, they’ve “always loved you from afar.”

It could even work the other way around and YOU might want to take things further, only for them to remind you that you were just hooking up and now they can’t see you ever again, because you got the wrong impression.

So, now what do you do? Uh-oh.

It Just Isn’t Sexy

Hooking up with your best friend who you know inside out, and who your mom even refers to with a cute nickname could never, EVER be sexy.

You Might Get Jealous

Yes, you were just hooking up. But hooking up means you’re getting intimate with someone else, and whenever we get intimate with someone there is a connection that binds us together. So much so that we invariably get jealous when we see the other person giving their attention to someone else.

Hooking up is going to do this. If you see your best friend get into a relationship with someone, a part of you might be wracked with jealousy. And this will be really troubling for your friendship. You’ll still be burning up inside, but not with desire this time.

Love Is Precious

You love your best friend, so why would you want to distort and mess with feelings by casually hooking up? Love is precious; it doesn’t deserve to be messed around with.

source: beautyandtips.com

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