bnmWe’ve all met a habitual complainer. They are the ones who seem to enjoy sending their food back at restaurants, they seem to have a problem with public transport, every single day, and, of course, the weather is always either way too hot, or far too cold. Sometimes, a complaint is perfectly valid and we shouldn’t just accept things like bad service. For some people, however, complaining becomes a habit they don’t seem to be able to break. Complaining for the sake of complaining is not going to change anything and, ultimately, it will just make you unhappy. If you are someone who seems to often have something to complain about, read these ten reasons why constant complaining doesn’t do you any good at all.

1. You will get bad service the next time you go back

Have you ever wondered why it is always you who is the one who gets the bad service? If you have been to a store, or a restaurant before, and you made an unfounded complaint, then the people who work at that establishment are not going to go out of their way to help you again. Waiters, bar staff, and shop workers, are human beings too, and you would get far more from people if you polite and thanked them more often.

2. It won’t change anything

If you complain about the weather or the heavy traffic on your way into work, it’s not going to make any difference at all. Basically, you are wasting your time complaining, so why bother getting angry or upset about it at all.

3 You would be better off doing something about it

We often complain, but do nothing to solve the problem ourselves. If the traffic is always bad on your commute into work, couldn’t you go in at a different time, or take a different route? If the service is always atrocious at a particular store, why do you keep on going back to that store?

4. It will make you look like a very negative person

You will get a reputation for being a very negative person, if you keep on complaining about everything. People don’t want to be brought down by lots of negative comments, so, if you do keep on complaining, it is quite likely that you could lose a few friends.

5. It will make you miserable too

How can you ever look on the bright side of side of life, if you are always complaining about everything? Eventually, you will convince even yourself that everything in the world is pretty awful and your complaining will get you down too.

6. You will upset people

Not everyone is as thick-skinned as you might think, and you could end up really upsetting someone with your complaints. If a trainee hairstylist, for example, didn’t quite get your hair the way you wanted it, and you make a serious complained to her boss, you could cost that girl her job over something that could have easily been fixed.

Image result for reasons to avoid complaining7. No one, and nothing, is perfect

Letting little things slide is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign that you have accepted the truth that nothing and no one is perfect. People make mistakes, things do go wrong, so go with the flow and don’t get so stressed out about it.

8. You are probably damaging your health

With all that complaining and getting hot under the collar, it is quite likely that you are raising your blood pressure on a regular basis, and that will eventually put a strain on your heart. Chill out and relax more. You we feel a lot happier and it will help to keep you healthy too.

9. Life’s too short

There really are a lot more important things that you could be doing with your life other than complaining all the time. If you are a habitual complainer, then you probably spend a lot of your time complaining, or looking for something to complain about. Spend some of that time looking for something nice to say, it will be a much more productive way for you to spend your time.

10. You don’t really have a lot to complain about

The irony is that the people who do most of the complaining are the people who have the least to complain about. So, your soup was a little bit cold when the waiter brought it to your table. There are some people who would be grateful to get any soup at all; hot, or cold. It would be far better to be grateful for what you have and to save the complaints for when there is something really important to complain about. That way, people might actually take more notice of your complaint.

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