marrMarriage is not something you should rush into. Marriage is meant to be a lasting bond between two people who love one another and who profess that they will love one another until they die, through ups and downs.

And it’s kinda this “love one another through thick and thin, be together forever” thing that scares some folk off marriage. After all, getting married is a huge commitment, and you’ve gotta be prepared for the fact that you’re really going to be spending the rest of your life with another person.

Just you and your partner. Forever. 

Some see this as emasculating, while others just think that marriage is generally for suckers who don’t know what it’s like to be free. The truth, though? Being married is better than being eternally single. If you’re unsure whether marriage is for you, check out our 10 must-know benefits of marriage.

1. Marriage Can Make You Live Longer

Studies have shown that happily married couples outlive their lonely single counterparts. Research has shown that perennial bachelors and bachelorettes are more likely to die earlier than their happily married friends, and are almost twice as likely to die of heart disease.

Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? We think this is possibly down to the fact that your spouse nags you into living healthier. You’re also more inclined to stay fit and healthy when you’ve got someone to live for, and you’re definitely greater persuaded to give up smoking and drinking if your spouse doesn’t like either habit.

If you’re alone, you’ve pretty much got no reason to give up all your partying. Live for today, for tomorrow we may die, and all that…

2. Marriage Encourages You To Start A Family

While it’s true that you don’t need to be married to start a family anymore, the nuclear family is still a very sought-after model. Lots of couples still see getting married as the first step toward starting a family, and many of us still firmly believe that a happily married mom and dad is the ideal foundation for any child entering this world. Married life provides the newborn with a loving and stable environment.

3. Being Married Means You Won’t Be Sick On Your Own

“Pass me the bucket, dear.”

(A sigh)

“Yes, dear.”

Okay, so we don’t like the idea of nursing someone who is sick all over the bedsheets. We don’t like the idea of staying home to spoon feed someone their medication. But can you imagine being ill and alone? Being married means whenever you’re under the weather, your partner will be there to take care of you. They’ll nip to the drugstore for you, and they’ll clean up all your mess. It’s not pretty, but it beats doing it all yourself.

4. Marriage Keeps Your Parents Happy

You must know the drill by now. When you’re approaching thirty, parents seem to obsess over marriage. They want to know why you’re not married already; they want to know when you’ll be married and to whom. They want names, dates and they won’t stop until you give them something.

You could throw random names and dates at them, but it won’t keep them satisfied forever. See, parents want to see you get married for their own peace of mind. They want to be reassured about your future, and they want you to share love and experience what they’ve experienced.

They also want grandkids. So get to it!

5. Being Married Increases Your Spending Power

If you’re single and are looking for a place to live for $500 a month, you’ll probably have to share a house with a bunch of strangers. Your room will be yours, but the bathroom and the kitchen will be yours and everyone else’s. At 40, is this really how you want to live?

If you’re married, conversely, your $500 can combine with your spouses $500 to pay for a very nice place for you both. Moreover, that big screen TV you wanted? Yup, you can now afford it!

6. Feel Like Making Love? Marriage Makes It Easy

Marriage means you get regular intimacy. If this is important to you, marriage could be for you. It means you’ll have a lifelong cuddle partner, and it means you’ll never have to feel lonely again underneath the bedsheets. If you want someone to snuggle up to at night, someone to kiss, touch and be intimate with, marriage can make this happen.

7. Marriage Helpfully Replaces The Hectic Single Life

When you’re young, being free and single is awesome. You get to travel, meet lots of different people, and you get to go on a number of dates whilst partying until the wee small hours of the morning.

Eventually, though, this lifestyle can take its toll. By the time you stumble into 30, you can start to feel exhausted, drained and ready for something different. Basically, you feel ready to settle down. Marriage, then, is the next step in your life and it represents the transition from your wild party days to your slippers, cuddling and home cooking days. Late nights turn into early nights, and the best thing? You’ll love it!

8. If You’re Married, You’re More Attractive

If you’re approaching fifty and are still single, you’re not exactly going to be very attractive to too many people. If, however, you’re approaching fifty and you’re happily married, you’re actually going to be quite an attractive proposition to the opposite gender. You’ll still have some confidence in yourself, and you’ll have an appeal that comes from being married for a number of years.

Naturally, we’re not saying that you’ll want to be alluring to the opposite sex, but it’s great for confidence.

9. If You’re Married, You Won’t Grow Old Alone

When you’re in your twenties, and even thirties, it can be very easy to think that your hot streak of dating the cutest guys and gals in town is never going to end. The truth, however, is that someday it will end. And when you’re 60 and wrinkly and aren’t able to get regular dates anymore, the truth that you’re going to die on your own can hit you like a jumbo jet in the face.

Marriage might not seem like the most exciting idea when you’re still young, but it’s an investment. In the long-term, you will reap the rewards, not least the fact that you won’t get old and lonely. And being old and lonely is one of the worst things ever.

10. You’re With The Person You Love

The best thing about marriage is that you share it with someone you truly love. Whilst the knowledge that you’ll be spending the rest of your life together with just one other person can be daunting at first, once you remind yourself that you’ll be spending the rest of your life with your soul mate, the idea of marriage suddenly becomes attractive. It means you get to vacation with your lover each year, experiencing every single new thing with them, growing with them, creating memories before retiring with them. Is there anything better?

source: beutyandtips.com

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