10 Lame breakup excuses you should never believe

Breaking up with someone is rarely an easy thing to do, and we’ve probably all come up with some pretty lame things to say, rather than to just tell the truth. After all, most of us don’t want to tell a guy: “You’ve got bad breath, you’re boring, and I’ve had more fun in bed on my own, than I will ever get being in bed with you”. Some of the excuses that people come up with, though, are just out of this world! Here are some of the most ridiculous and lame excuses for breaking up that you’ll ever hear.

1. It’s not you, it’s merelat

Come on! How old is this one? Guys that use this one, think they are being kind, but we all know they are just being cowards. They don’t mean this one at all; they just heard this on some corny soap opera and thought: “Oh, I’ll have to remember that one”. This isn’t kind, and if anything, it just leaves the person being dumped feeling even more confused.

2. I don’t want you to get hurt

If you don’t want to hurt someone, then why are you breaking up with them in the first place? Or, could be it be that you have already done something that you know will hurt them and you would rather prefer that they don’t find out? There are far too many ‘ifs, buts and whys’ left hanging in the air with this feeble excuse to make it sound anywhere near like being sincere.

3. I’m scared to make a commitment

Some people are actually scared of commitment, so this could be the truth. If he really is that worried about becoming a grown up and taking on some responsibilities, then perhaps you are better off without him anyway. On the other hand, he might just be saying, I don’t want to make a commitment to you, because I don’t like you enough for that.

4. I need some space

This is a lame little effort to avoid actually saying: ‘I want to break up’, and it’s so unfair to the other person. Nothing is clear in this statement at all. Does it mean that he’ll be back in a week, a month or a year or, does it mean that he’ll never be back at all? What about dating other people? Should we or shouldn’t we? Please guys, give a girl a break and let her know where she stands!

5. Our lives are going in different directions

This could actually have some real meaning, if you are in disagreement about marriage, kids or something important like that. It could also mean that he is a selfish person, or someone who’s not prepared to budge an inch on his own plans in order to make the relationship work. If that’s the case, then this guy has a lot of growing up to do!

6. You’re too good for me

This is nothing more than a very clumsy attempt, not to hurt girls’ feelings. This is used by the type of men who think women are weak and can’t deal with a bit a pain. The reality is, though, that it is they who are weak, because they will do or say anything, rather than face up to a difficult conversation. If you get this one then just tell him: “Yeah, you’re right, I was thinking the same thing too!”

7. I like you too much

Seriously? Please, that doesn’t even make any sense! You like me so much that you are going to leave me lonely, stranded, totally devastated and pining over you for the rest of my life? I don’t think so!

8. You will make someone a very happy man

This is another twist on the lame excuse of ‘you’re too good for me, I’m not good enough for you’ and all the other similar lame ways of trying to sugar coat a bitter pill. Or, is he being more honest that you think? Could it be that he is really saying that you don’t make him happy at all, but someone out there would be happy to have you?

9. I’m going out of town for a while

This is another one of those lame breakup excuses that could leave you hanging for who knows how long, until he deigns to reappear on the scene again. What he’s probably saying is that he’s off to try his luck elsewhere with other girls, but he’d like you to hang around, just in case things don’t work out for him.

10. Disappearing without a trace

The disappearing act is probably the worse thing anyone can do to get out of the awkwardness of a breakup. Just changing phone numbers and vanishing or sending a message via a friend, is more than just lame, it’s downright disrespectful.

What other lame breakup excuses girls should never believe?

Stay happy

source: citifmonline.com