10 Inspiring Relationship Goals For New Couples

nmWe all set goals in life. We set goals at work, goals with our finances, and even goals with our hobbies and passions. But how about relationship goals?

Relationship goals are important for new couples because they give your new romance a direction. Moreover, shared goals ensure that you’re both on the same level and understand exactly what you want out of this, and from each other. Goals strengthen your relationship and give it a better chance to last. So let’s take a look at 10 inspiring relationship goals.

Open, Honest Communication

New couples are still treading the waters, getting to know one another, and wondering whether they’re really going to last. And sometimes, new couples fall into the trap of playing the Communication Game.

Or, rather, the non-Communication Game.

The whole, “Well, I’m not texting her until she texts me,” thing is silly. Nor can you hide behind the killer line, “I was too distracted to text.”

Distracted for a whole week?

If new couples are going to last without frustrating one another endlessly, it’s time to communicate.

Allow One Another To Have Some “Me Time”

Sure, new couples tend to be loved up and they tend to want to spend a lot of time with one another. But for every one of you who wants to see your partner all the time, the other will inevitably want to retain some cherished “me time.”

It’s important that you respect your partner when they tell you that, sure, they love you, but sometimes they just want to spend some time alone. And, no, they don’t want you to keep ringing to see if they’re okay. Or texting to ask what they want for dinner. Or “accidentally” bumping into them. Just understand that some me time might be important to your partner, and it can be very beneficial for the relationship.

Hang Out With Each Other’s Friends

Many new relationships have been so complicated that they have caused us to lose our closest friends. These friends say our new partner is not right for us, and that he hates us. They demand that we make a choice – him or them.

It’s really not a nice ultimatum. So how about you and your partner set a goal for this relationship to actually get along with all your closest friends? Hang out for lunch, catch a movie. Above all, actually join in with the conversation and don’t sit there like a moody blue!

Get Along With The Parents

Your mom and dad come from a generation where it was common for the husband to despise his mother-in-law – and vice versa! Indeed, the husband’s mother-in-law became a caricature in popular culture, and we pretty much accepted that all husband’s have a hate-hate relations with their wife’s mother.

In 2015, though, it’s important that you get on with his parents and he gets on with yours. It will save you so much hassle. You won’t need to be terrified every time you and your partner have dinner with your mother, and you won’t need to freeze up whenever he drops her best China. They’ll be such best friends that she’ll forgive him instantly!

Unless it was worth $5,000. Then even I wouldn’t forgive him.

You’ll Be Best Friends

Here’s a thought: why don’t you and your partner become, not just boyfriend and girlfriend, but best friends?

Romantic chemistry is important, but it will eventually fizzle out unless there is something else to sustain the relationship – such as friendship. If this one is really going to be the One, you should feel comfortable talking to one another about anything. Your partner should be the one you turn to for anything.

You’ll Work Out

Many couples shy away from making this a goal because it suggests there is something about our partner that we dislike. It says that we don’t like the way they look, and it says that we’re actively trying to change someone we’re supposed to really, really like. Most of us trot out the line, “I love you the way you are!”

But there is nothing wrong with physical improvement, and this goal is actually a really inspiring one. Your relationship will improve if your physique improves. Toned bodies, more muscle, less weight; what’s not to love and enjoy about that?! Moreover, working out gives you both set goals and a motivation to work towards achieving something together. It’s also good for confidence in your body.

You Will Listen And Really Hear

Too many relationships come to a premature end because there is not enough listening and understanding involved. If you and your partner fight, and you feel as though your voice is not being heard, it will end in tears.

Listening is so important in life. We learn because we listen, and our relationships can only grow if we understand the other person. So cast aside preconceptions and actually listen to everything your partner has to say to you. If they have a concern, don’t interrupt them and assume you know what they’re going to say. Hear them through.

You Agree To Talk About Everything

Relationships also come to a premature end when couples don’t talk to one another about the important things, such as the possibility of having children or moving to another country.

If you know a tough conversation is coming that could potentially cause conflict in your relationship, it can be very tempting to avoid it and say that you’ll cross that bridge when you come to it.

But this is just prolonging the heartache. You need to iron out all your fundamental issues as soon as possible. Get the difficult conversations out of the way and be open with one another.

You’ll Continue To Express Your Love To Each Other, Even After Many Years Together

Love is the most important ingredient of a successful and happy relationship. Often, when partners have been together for quite some time, they forget the importance of expressing their love…And we are not only talking about expressing your love with words here, even though words are also important, of course.

You can show your love through some simple daily gestures of attention and care, like bringing your partner a cup of their favorite hot chocolate, or waking them up in the morning with a wonderful breakfast that you thoughtfully prepared for them. All these little seeds of love, attention and care will eventually grow into a wonderful lifetime of love and happiness.

You’ll Always Support Each Other

Finally, you need assurance from your partner that they will always be on hand to talk to you and support you when you really need them.

If you’re feeling lonely, or if you’ve had a bad day at work, you need to know that your partner will pick up the phone – even in the middle of the night and he will support you no matter what.

source: beautyandtips.com

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