graceNo doubt you’ve heard people talk to you about an inner voice. But what is it?

There are two voices inside us – one which works for us and one which works against us. The voice which works against us doesn’t have our best interests at heart. It tells us not to do something and keeps us stuck in the same spot. It reminds us that we’re not good enough, and that we have plenty of reasons to be fearful – and not cheerful. It’s loud, brash and super demanding.

Your inner voice is quite different. It’s more restrained and composed. It’s peaceful but has purpose and conviction. And it knows what is best for you. It never doubts, nor does it harness negativity. Instead, it wants to inspire you to be the best you can, pushing you onto greatness and happiness. It doesn’t order but encourages.

For whatever reason, though, many of us choose to ignore our inner voice. This is a big mistake that could be preventing you from unleashing your true potential. Let’s take a closer look at 10 important reasons to listen to your inner voice.

Your Inner Voice Cuts Out The Filler

Your inner voice can help you get straight to the point. What this means is that instead of overthinking things, or over-analysing something, your inner voice is able to cut through the noise and capture exactly how you truly feel about a situation.

The more you listen to your inner voice, the better it will get at cutting out the filler and getting right to the point. In turn, you feel also feel much about about yourself and your ability to make decisions.

Your Inner Voice Protects You

Dangers are everywhere. Whether a stranger has asked to buy you a drink or a storm is starting to brew, we all face choices whether we should stay or run.


Animals listen to their inner voice when it tells them to run out of town before a tsunami strikes. This is because they know their inner voice protects them, and it would be folly to ignore it.

Yours protects you – but only if you listen to it.

Your Inner Voice Eliminates Anxiety

Everyone faces challenges and obstacles in life. Listening to your inner voice will not remove these. What it will eliminate, however, is the anxiety and angst that often accompanies a challenge.

People who listen to their inner voice and let it guide them no longer fret about decisions. They trust that tomorrow will get sorted tomorrow. What happens right now is today.

Your inner voice leads and you follow – not the other way around. Once you start to realise this, anxiety will become a thing of the past.

Your Inner Voice Gets You Out Of Trouble

We’ve all been in situations where something doesn’t feel quite right. Such a situation makes our brain go into overdrive as it begins to wrestle with the problem, trying hard to work out a solution. It tries to get a feel for the reaction it feels you should be having, and tries to find a positive way out of it.

Our inner voice is what we rely on to get ourselves out of these tricky situations, and it can even prevent us from finding ourselves in such positions in the first place. Don’t worry about missing out on something, especially if you felt it was a potentially fishy situation in the first place. Listen to your inner voice and avoid the situation.

Your Inner Voice Shows You Your True Purpose

Fortune really does favour the brave, and the brave are those who listen to their inner voice.

There are other voices talking to you, but they don’t have your best interests at heart. They want you to hang back, stay within your comfort zone and fear life. It doesn’t reveal to you your true purpose in life because the voice itself doesn’t have a purpose.

Your inner voice, however, wants what is best for you. Moreover, it always reveals to you your true purpose – as well as which paths to walk along.

It Will Help You To Learn More About Yourself 

Your inner voice really knows you better than you know yourself. Indeed, how many of us truly know ourselves? When you keep listening to the wrong voice and keep making the wrong decisions, you’ll struggle to ever really know yourself.

The more you listen to your inner voice, the more you will know about yourself. You will discover how to instantly make a key decision without hesitation, as well as smaller decisions without wasting time. You will also grow in confidence and learn to trust yourself more.

Your Inner Voice Is Moral

Remember when you were a kid and did something wrong? You knew you’d messed up and your gut instinct made you confess to your parents and teachers.

This is because your inner voice is moral and will always tell you to do the right thing.

It Will Help You To Be More Comfortable With Yourself

Not all of us will admit to being comfortable with who we are. When we leave the house, we wear masks so that we don’t have to put our true selves on display.

This is often because we are ignoring our inner voice. By engaging and listening to your inner voice on a daily basis, you will find out more about yourself – and will subsequently grow more comfortable in your own skin.

Remember that practice makes perfect, and only by repeatedly listening to your inner voice can you get a better feel for what makes you happy. Listening to the wrong voice constantly leads to wrong decisions which take you further away from yourself, and consequently knock your confidence.

Tune into your inner voice each day and let it guide you. Put your trust in it that it’s going to show you a successful and prosperous life.

Your Inner Voice Saves You Time

Picture the scene: You’ve got a big decision to make, one which is potentially life changing. Your friend has given you the chance to co-found a startup with them, but despite how attractive this is, you’re not sure. So you ask your friend for a bit of time to come to a decision.

Days lapse into weeks and you still can’t make up your mind. This is because you aren’t letting your inner voice be heard.

Your inner voice always know what is right for you. By listening to it and accepting its advice, you save yourself a lot of time.

Your Inner Voice Is Always Right

Put simply, your intuition is never wrong. It might not feel right at the time, but it has your long-term interests at heart.


Source: BeautyAndTips