Some people will tell you that solitude is the playground of satan. And while it’s true that too much time alone with your thoughts can make you feel anxious or depressed, spending short periods of time by yourself now and then is essential for a better, more thoughtful and productive life.

The Renaissance genius Leonardo Da Vinci knew perfectly well that it was fundamental that he spent periods of time alone. Doing so gave him a chance to work on his thoughts and come up with new ideas. Think about it: When do you come up with your best ideas? While you’re on your own, or while you’re surrounded by other people?

Unfortunately, our schedules are so jam-packed in 2016 that we find it hard to get away from the crowd for a bit. But if you’re beginning to wonder what effect this is having on your life, here are 10 important reasons to have regular alone time.

Alone Time Allows You To Unwind

In 2016, we’re all busier than ever. If we’re not at work, we’re at the gym. If we’re not there, we’re seeing friends. If we’re not there, we’re helping mom and dad move house. And so on.

Constantly being on demand might keep you on your toes, but it doesn’t do well for your mind. Research has shown that we’re far likelier to be more efficient, productive and produce better results if we take time-out now and then to unwind.

Recharging your batteries is essential to keeping your energy levels up. Remove yourself from the noise regularly in order to keep your mind focused.

Alone Time Relieves The Pressure

Whenever you’re around other people, there is always some sort of pressure.

If you’re at work, there is a pressure to meet targets.

If you’re hanging with friends in a bar, there is a pressure to be sociable.

And so on. But when you spend time by yourself, all this pressure is off. You can work at your own speeds and do exactly what you want.

You Learn To Be Less Dependent On Others

Many of us rely on other people to do stuff. If we call up a friend and ask them if they want to go to the shops, we are disappointed when they say they can’t make it.

In fact, we are so disappointed that we stay in, too.

When you spend time alone, you’ll realise that you don’t need other people to make you happy. You can find your own happiness by being independent.

Alone Time Helps You To Find Your Own Voice

Whenever you’re hanging out with a group, be it at work or in your social life, you have a tendency to go with the flow and follow their opinion.

It’s the same whether you’re part of a political movement or a sports club. You’re part of a collective. You’re not an individual.

When you take some time out to spend by yourself, you can find your own voice.

Alone Time Lets You Get More Done

Are there things you’ve been wanting to get done for a while now but just haven’t had the time because you’ve been so busy with other people? Spending time by yourself gives you a great chance to catch up on these projects.

Spending time alone gives you a chance to make a to-do list and work through it at speed. There might be some chores you don’t really want to do, but when there’s no one around to distract you, you can get them done and then move on.

Life Will Be Simpler

Life wasn’t meant to be complicated, but we’ve all made it so.

Spending some time alone will remind you that life can be simple if we let it. Life doesn’t have to be lived at a million miles per hour. It doesn’t have to be treated as a race or a competition where the person who does the most stuff wins.

Simple can be beautiful.

Alone Time Relaxes You

If you’ve been feeling tense and irritable lately because people are annoying you, you might need a bit of solitude.

Alone time takes you away from the social arena for a while, allowing you to calm down and rethink things. Remaining in theatre of conflicts all the time can drive anyone around the bend, so it’s good to spend time alone and gain a new perspective on the world.

And, hey, it stops us from having a full-on public meltdown!

Alone Time Lets You Think Deeply

I find that my most productive and wisest thoughts come out of me whenever I take walks alone. I definitely don’t coin wise thoughts whenever I’m spending my time around other people!

If you’ve got a project you’d really like to work on, such as an art work or a novel, spending some time alone will help you to access your unconscious mind, where deep and creative thoughts lie. You can only tap into this well of magic when you’re by yourself.

Alone Times Helps With Your Relationships

When you’re constantly spending time with other people, it’s hard to discriminate between folk. You pretty much hang out with anyone and everyone because you’re not exactly sure of what you want from life. You’re a social chameleon who has fun with everyone.

When you spend time by yourself, you get a chance to take a step back and assess your relationships. You get a better understanding of who you really are, and who you would like to hang around with. Maybe you’ll come to the realisation that some of your friends just aren’t right for you.

You’ll Still Have Fun!

Afraid that spending time by yourself means you’ll have less fun?


Going to the movies by yourself might be daunting at first, but you’ll still enjoy the movie. Do you really need someone you know by your side in order to laugh at a comedy or feel the suspense from a thriller? Of course not!

Likewise, going shopping is just as fun. Only this time you can go to all the shops you want to go to and avoid the ones you hate which your friends love.

Stay happy!


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