timthumb.phpT’is the season to be jolly!

Okay, so Christmas is fast approaching (not wanting to scare you or anything, but it’s literally just a few days away), so if you’ve got any gifts still to buy, now is the time to buy ‘em.

Obviously you’ve already bought all the important people in your life a gift. You’ve bought your mom a gift, your dad, your boyfriend, your best friend, your …

… Wait, what? You haven’t bought your boyfriend a gift yet?!

Okay, before you’re go into full-blown panic attack mode, you need to calm down, relax, take a deep breath…and then read our 10 ideas of cool Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend.

Fallout 4

In case you didn’t know it, Fallout 4 is a video game for the Xbox One

And what you probably didn’t know is that it’s just been released in time for Christmas. And because these games tend to cost a fair amount of cash, guys all around the world are probably relying on their parents to buy it for them for Christmas.

Naturally, lots of parents are against video games, which is why buying Fallout 4 for the man in your life is all down to YOU.

Of course, you have to put his wants at Christmas against yours. After all, if you buy him this, you probably won’t see much of him until he’s completed level 21. Whatever that means.

But basically, while you’re slaving away basting the turkey and preparing the sprouts, he’ll be killing zombies.

Boss The Scent

We like our men to smell nice, and guys will admit to enjoying nice smells themselves. It’s just that sometimes they don’t get around to buying pleasant scents. They’d rather spend their hard-earned cash on video games and football shirts.

Boss The Scent is a new fragrance for men that is the absolute bomb. It’s so good that it’s literally been flying off the shelves since its September launch, and it’s designed for total seduction. Buy him this and your suave man will be smelling of ginger, leather, fruit and lavender. It’ll be like taking James Bond out for a meal.

Belsazar Red

It’s Christmas, so of course your boyfriend is going to want a few drinks to enjoy himself.

But instead of getting him another six-pack of lager yet again, why not be a bit creative and get him something classier and tastier?

Belsazar red is a popular option at Christmas, because its crammed with all kinds of festive flavours and spices. But there are plenty of great spirits out there for you to check out. Get looking!

Ted Baker Wash Bag Gift Set

Your man needs to look well groomed for work and nights out, and you want him to look like the perfect gentleman over Christmas. So why not treat him to a Ted Baker goody set?

Ted Baker has your boyfriend covered when it comes to personal grooming. With this gift bag, he will smell as good as ever. Included is a hair and body wash, and a dazzling body spray.

Warning: This bag could make him irresistible over the festive season, so watch out for your rivals trying to get a sniff (your mom basically).

Beolab 14 Sound System

If your partner is really into his music, this banging sound system from Beolab might be his number 1 dream present.

We’re not going to lie: at around $3,800, this sound system doesn’t come cheap, but if you’re willing to splash the cash on the love of your life this Christmas, you simply won’t go wrong with an extravagant gift that pulls no punches when it comes to pumping out the sounds. It looks the part and sounds the part. Get on it.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops

Yes, this is another one of those video game things. If you don’t mind losing your boyfriend for several hours at a time, buying him this war game to end all war games (at least we think it’s a war game) is the way to go.

The great thing is that while he’s distracted by raging bad guys, you can be cracking on with your own indulgences. You’ll basically have the rest of the house to yourself!

A Beard Trimmer

Beards are everywhere in 2015. You literally cannot walk through a cramped supermarket without getting brushed by lots of thick strands of facial hair.

If your lover has a beard that is slightly out of control (wild as a forest during windy season), you might want to think about investing in a beard trimmer.

The best beard trimmers aren’t too expensive, and can usually be picked up for less than $50. They come with various length settings, titanium blades, and oodles of charge time.

The Hangover (Ladybird Books For Grown-Ups)

Ladybird recently started releasing satirical books for adults that mock their original release of helpful Ladybird books for children.

Whereas the original series helped children understand more about the world around them, this parodical set of books is targeted at adults who just want to have a giggle.

If your boyfriend is the kind of guy who suffers with existential hangover blues, buying him this book will have him laughing like a ten-year-old. Crammed with amusing illustrations and big, bold text, it’s an easy and fun read. A great stocking filler!

The Big Bad Book Of Bill Murray

Who doesn’t love Bill Murray?!

This recently released quirky book has been described as a “glorious mental floss”, and, although there is no actual input from the great man himself, it is an excellent compilation of his best work, quotes and snippets from his life.

Bill Murray. Need we say any more?

Portable Speaker

If the sound system was a little out of your price range but you still want to get your music-loving boyfriend something special for Christmas, how about a portable speaker?

These portable speakers are incredibly versatile (he can take them anywhere – all he needs is a phone that connects), inexpensive and really awesome.

source: beautyandtips.com

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