We all find ourselves in an emotional rut now and then. You know the kind: The rut that makes you feel depressed, sad and lethargic. The rut that leaves you unmotivated, uninspired and unprepared to literally do anything. You don’t have the energy to spread your social wings, and nor do you have the energy to go to work or plan any kind of project. You don’t want to talk to people, see people, or even chat on social media. You’re just not yourself.

Climbing out of an emotional rut is really hard; when we try to make ourselves happier, we just seem to fall back into the pit. But how do you get out of an emotional rut when it’s starting to have a serious impact on your entire life? Let’s take a look at the top 10 most helpful tips.

Find A Way Of Taking Your Mind Off Things

Have you ever noticed how pain becomes more intense when we focus on it? Similarly, an itch will grow more fierce when we keep scratching at it.

It’s the same with feelings; the more you focus on your emotions, the more you’ll feel dejected.

You need to find a way of taking your mind away from your emotional rut and onto something else. This could be something as mindlessly repetitive as counting coins, or it could be something that you used to love doing when you were younger, such as playing an instrument or dying your hair.

It could be anything, such as cleaning the house or firing off a few emails.

Find A New Hobby

Maybe you’re in an emotional rut because life has hit a brick wall. Maybe you’re stagnating internally because you’re just not feeding your soul with anything new.

Maybe it’s time that you got yourself a new hobby to freshen things up. Do something you’ve always wanted to but never been able to. There is no better time to regenerate than right now.

Do Things That Make You Feel Good

It’s hard to think about what makes you feel good when you don’t feel so great, but there will have been things that you’ve done in the past that made you feel great. So do them now!

There will be something that always lifts your spirits, whether it is splashing out on a new dress for yourself or watching your favourite rom-com.

Choosing to do a pick-me-up really can have a hugely positive effect on your mentality. Norman Cousins wrote in his book Anatomy of an Illness how watching comedy films day and night helped him to make a complete recovery. Laughter affects our internal mechanisms and can radically alter our physiology, making us feel a lot better.

It can certainly help you out of an emotional rut.

Take A Personal Development Course

Every single person on the planet reaches a point where they’re in a rut. All the successful people have been here, and it’s often the rut that acts as their springboard to change their lives by propelling them in a new direction.

Maybe you’ve now reached a point in your life and career where you need that springboard. What better way to start aiming higher than by taking a personal development course? Here you will develop yourself mentally and physically, learn new skills and maybe even find your true calling in life.

Change Your Diet

I’m not saying that your diet explains your emotional rut, but our diets can have a huge bearing on the way we look and feel. If your diet has been poor for quite a while now, it can definitely have a negative impact on the way you feel emotionally.

Improving your diet is a great way to make you feel more positive. When you know that you’re eating healthily, you automatically feel a lot better. You feel happier.

Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

Like many of us, you’re probably you’re own worst critic. While this is usually a good thing because it means that you push yourself harder, it’s not really a good thing when you’re in an emotional rut. Indeed, it just makes you worse. You start to focus on all the things you’re bad at, and it just breeds more and more negativity.

But this just makes everything worse. So it’s time to go easy on yourself and remember all the good things you’ve done. Switch your focus to all your achievements and remind yourself that you’ve done a lot of good stuff, too. Life is too short to focus on our failings all the time.

Remember That This Won’t Last Forever

There is a great line in the movie True Romance that I want to quote:

“He told me that sometimes life goes this way, but remember: It goes the other way, too.”

Yes, life sucks right now. But you remember a time when it was amazing, right? Life is like a tide that comes in and out; nothing stays where it is forever and emotions come and go.

Today you’re down but know that tomorrow you can be back up again.

Tell Yourself You’re Not In An Emotional Rut

My friend came up to me recently with her shoulders hunched and her eyes lowered to the ground. She looked as though she was shrinking into herself.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“I’m in an emotional rut,” she said.

As soon as she said those words her shoulders became even more hunched and her eyes practically hit the ground. She spoke in dejected, fragile tones, tones that were so different to her usual upbeat ones.

And then something hit me: When we say we’re depressed, we act depressed. And when we say we’re happy and confident, we act the opposite. We stand up straight, look people in the eyes and smile.

It’s time that you stopped telling yourself that you’re down and time to start telling yourself that you’re better than this. Remind yourself that you’re a fantastic person who is ready to take on the world again. Your physiology will soon mimic your words and thoughts.

Ask Yourself What You Want

Most people who are lost and in a rut are there because they simply don’t have any goals. Because they have no goals, they have no idea how to get to their happy place.

Spend a few days working on your goals. What do you want from life? What would make you happy? What do you love to do?

Buy some self-help books and find out how you can achieve these goals.

Help Someone

It can be really tough to help someone else when you’re feeling so emotionally lost, but I’ve never helped someone and felt worse afterwards. I’ve always felt better – much better.

Stay happy!


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