ddd“It’s your birthday, we’re gonna party like it’s your birthday!”

So said Fifty Cent, a prominent American rapper, lyricist and all-round good guy who knows exactly how to have fun on his birthday.

But do you know how to have fun on your birthday?

In case you don’t, and in case you’re worried that you’re going to spend your birthday exactly how you’ve spent it for the last few years, let’s take a look at 10 awesomely fun ideas of things to do for your birthday. Woop!

1. Get Outside

First things first, before you do anything else, you must consider getting outside. Sitting around the house all day watching box sets and Netflix is all fine and dandy any other day of the year. But this is your birthday! It’s time to escape dreary monotony and familiarity by heading outdoors and seeking some fun.

Outside, adventure awaits you on your birthday. You could have a picnic, hit a beer garden, head to a festival, or have a walk with some ice cream. Even if it’s raining, there are lots of things you can do. You could visit a local museum, take in an art gallery, or just head to a bar or coffee shop with some friends.

2. Indulge In Some Retail Therapy

Retail therapy was invented for two reasons:

1) To help you recover from a bad day of the blues;

2) Because it’s your birthday!

Any other time of the year and we can forgive you for being a little bit economical with your cash. But as it’s your birthday and you’re (hopefully) armed with lots of birthday money, we urge you to hit the shops and treat yourself.

3. Have A Party

Fifty Cent would definitely be having a party if it was his birthday, so why not take a leaf out of the big man’s book and host your very own birthday party?

Normally, it can be tricky getting your friends together for one evening of fun shenanigans. Everyone is just so busy and their schedules means that it is often difficult to get all your friends round on the same night. But when it’s your birthday, they have no excuses; they have to be there. So get inviting them!

4. Hit The Beach

Another one of fun things to do for your birthday is to hit the beach. Yeah, it’s your birthday, so why not take a break from work and the city and top up your tan on the beach?

Hitting the beach is a great way to both relax and have fun. You can soak up the sun before playing frisbee. Then you can stand in the sea, enjoy an ice cream and generally have a good time with your buddies. If you’re lucky, you could even have a beach party. Hey, it’s your birthday, so why not?!

5. Dine Out

Your birthday is the one day of the year where being pampered can be justified. So instead of preparing your own meal, another one of great things to do for your birthday is to dine out at a classy restaurant and have others wait on you hand and foot? You deserve it!

Dining out on your birthday is extra special, and you don’t even feel so bad for ordering more expensive dishes. Moreover, because it’s your birthday you’re also allowed to drink a bit more wine! (You can also have two deserts. It’s the rule).

6. Explore Somewhere New

Bored of your familiar surroundings? Want to get out of your house and your city? Then one of fun things to do for your birthday is to explore someplace new.

Exploring is a fantastic thing to do any time of the year, but it’s something you can definitely do on your birthday, because you’ll have the time. Pick a town, city or even a countryside, a valley – or even a mountain. Get out there and explore, discover new things and perhaps even camp out or book a room in a hotel.

7. Take The Day Off Work

It’s really hard to enjoy your birthday if you have to go to work. That’s just boring. Even if you do have plans for after you finish work, being stuck in the office all day is a humdrum affair that takes the shine off things. Moreover, it can leave you feeling tired and exhausted.

So whatever your job and situation, and whether you work for someone or whether you’re a freelancer, you absolutely must take the day off work to enjoy your birthday to the max. In this way, you’ve got an entire day to yourself to enjoy and make the most of.

8. Celebrate With Your Family

If you’re young, carefree, and have a wide social circle, spending your birthday with your family might not be a very attractive proposition. Perhaps they don’t drink as much as your friends, perhaps your 80 year-old grandmother is not prepared to “do shots”, and perhaps they’ll all be in bed by 8 o’clock.

But you’ll be surprised at just how much fun you can have if you spend your special day with relatives. Far from being total bores, they will loosen up and have a good time with you. They will entertain you with stories from yours and their childhood, and they will remind you what it means to have a family who loves you. Try it.

9. Go Bowling

It’s your birthday, and you want to relax and have some good-natured fun. So another one of fun things to do for your birthday is to do ten-pin bowling with your friends!

Everyone loves bowling, even your poet friend who tries to pretend that she doesn’t do “fun”. Once they bowl their first ball, everyone will be hooked – and everyone will have a whale of a time.

And because it’s your birthday, you don’t have to be shy about requesting that the side rails/bumpers stay up!

10. Have A Games Night

This is really one of the coolest and most fun things to do for your birthday. Basically, you invite your friends (and family if you want) to your house for an evening games and drinking.

The kinds of games you play are limitless, and you can choose from video games, board games and even card games.

The dafter and more interactive the games are, the more fun you’ll have.

And after several drinks, it’s time to bring to the Twister mat!