We’re often told to quit our jobs and chase our dreams. It’s usually the people who have already caught their dreams that tell us to do the same thing. They’re living, walking proof that good things happen if you take action.

But then there are always other people who keep us grounded. “Not everyone can chase their dreams,” they say. “Some of us just have to suck it up and work the 9-5 grind. If we didn’t, who would? It’s just the the way of the world, honey.”

The only thing that separates successful people from unsuccessful people is that successful people took action. They decided that they were tired of working for other people in a job that they hated, and that it was time to make their own plans. Life’s too short, after all, to fit into someone else’s plan.

So if you’re currently flip-flopping between the two arguments, here are 10 convincing reasons why you should chase your dreams.

You’ll Be In Control Of Your Life

Tired of being asked to work a few extra hours at the end of the day? Exasperated with your boss giving you projects to take home for the weekend? Irritated that you seem to be working all hours God sends just to make someone else lots of money?

Chasing your dreams mean you’ll be in total control of your own life. There’ll no longer be any managers, regulations, restrictions and so on. You’ll no longer be working with people you don’t even like, going to conferences you don’t want to go to, or going to office parties that you detest.

Because You’ve Always Wanted To Do This!

If there is something you’ve always wanted to do, why wouldn’t you do it?! If you’ve always wanted to write a novel, become an investor, or work abroad, why in heck would you NOT chase these dreams?

If you have a clear picture in your mind of what to do and know precisely what needs to be done to achieve it, what’s really stopping you from actually executing your plan?

You’ll Feel Empowered

When we wake up each morning to do a job we hate, we don’t exactly feel very powerful. We feel sluggish, listless and apathetic. The only reason we’re still going to work is because we need to pay the bills and keep a roof over our heads!

When you’re chasing your dreams, you feel empowered because you’ve got a reason to get up in the morning each day. You’ve got motivation because you’re now in love with life. You no longer have to engage in mindless chatter with colleagues you dislike, but can instead focus on what really matters.

You’ll Have No Regrets

 Perhaps the biggest reason you should follow your dreams is that there’ll be no regrets in the long-term. Our biggest failings in life are not what we tried to do, but what we didn’t try to do. If you hesitate about quitting your job and starting all over again, time will eventually pass you by to the point that you decide you may as well just suck it up and wait until retirement.By then, you’ll just be left with a heap of regrets and the tormenting “what if?” question.

What if you had quit your job and chased your dreams? Would you be happier than you are now? Would you have lived an adventure every single day? Would you perhaps be living somewhere nicer by now with more money and more financial independence?

You’ll Become More Creative

I had a friend who was very good with her hands. She could draw, stitch, sew, cut hair and much more.

And yet she worked in retail for over 20 years. I couldn’t understand it.

After a few years, she stopped creating things. I asked her why and she just shrugged and said: “No time. Lost interest.”

I felt genuinely heartbroken. When you don’t chase your dreams, life grinds you down. It saps all your creative energy and imagination out of you.

Chasing your passions, on the other hand, give you an awesome creative outlet to not just sharpen your current skills, but to also learn lots of new ones.

Because Your Boss Irritates You

“I’m really sorry to have to ask again, but can you stay an extra hour tonight? We’ve got so much work on,” says your boss.


You don’t even like the job and yet here you are, giving up MORE of your spare time just to help him and his company make even more money!

When you chase your dream, you’re doing something you love every single minute of the day, and yet you can still create even more spare time to do even more things you love doing, too!

You Get To Prove Others Wrong

Sure, there are plenty of doubters who will tell you that you’re delusional if you think you can quit your “steady” job and chase your fantastical dreams. But proving these people wrong is part of the fun! Moreover, when you’ve got something to prove to others who are willing to stick it out in rubbish jobs, you’ve also got extra motivation to take action.

You Will Be Independent In The Long Term

I’m not saying that chasing your dreams will create instant financial independence, security and overall happiness. It will, of course, take a lot of time and hard work to get to this point. But it will come!

Janine Allis, founder of Boost, admitted that she worked very long hours when she first created her business. She often worked weekends and sacrificed a lot of her downtime. Was it all worth it? Heck, yes! As she says, she partied during her twenties, worked ferociously during her thirties, and enjoyed a lot of downtime in her forties. It was her reward.

“It was challenging and sometimes incredibly stressful, but I was passionate about the business and loved the journey of Boost. It was not work — it was an obsession.”

Right Now, You Don’t Exactly Feel Accomplished

It isn’t nice to finish each working week feeling miserable and jaded. You should be feeling accomplished. But because you know you’re doing something you hate, all you can do is mope and cuss your life.

Once you start chasing your passions, each week will be filled with self-accomplishment.

You’ll Inspire Others

If you take action and follow your dreams, you’ll inspire and encourage others around you to do the same thing. You’ll become someone that people look up to. What helps to make a successful person is that they always enjoy sharing their knowledge with others. When you become a success, you will be able to impart wisdom, too.

Stay happy!

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