We define ourselves by reinvention.”

     – Henry Rollins 

Recently, I asked myself a few questions: Am I happy with where I am in life right now? What are my long-term goals? What are my plans? Do I need to change career? Am I fulfilling my potential? Am I doing what I want to do? Am I wasting my life? Is it time to do something different?

Essentially, the answers I gave to each question told me that it’s now time for a change.

Change brings with it uncertainty, and it can feel as though your orientation points have shifted. Sometimes, it makes you feel as though the horizon that was always before you and which offered you a sense of direction and security has suddenly collapsed.

Is this really a bad thing?

Change is exciting and opens up fantastic new opportunities that help us to find out more about who we are. It can also help us to deliver on our potential. Let’s take a look at 10 clear signs that you should change direction in life.

When You Idealise The Past Too Much

Have you ever said to yourself “things used to be so much better” or “remember when …”

It’s nice to look back with fondness at out past. It’s nice to conjure up pleasant memories of good times.

But it’s not a good sign when you idealise the past in order to escape your present. If you are doing this, it suggests that where you are in life right now is worse than where you used to be.

Basically, you’re trapped in the wheels of monotony without an exist. And all you can do to make yourself smile is look back on better times.

The Little Things Are Bothering You

The little things never used to bother you before. But now they’re getting under your skin, making you feel irritable and uneasy.

This usually suggests that a change is upon the horizon. You’re growing tired of the same routine, the same faces and the same places. All of it is making you uncomfortable. You need to get out and try somewhere and something fresh.

There Are Opportunities – But You’re Turning Them Down


Opportunities are coming at you. Why are you turning them down?

If your answer is “because I’m super happy with where I’m at right now – I’ve always wanted this” then okay. You don’t need to change.

If, however, you’re turning down exciting opportunities because “I’m scared” it means you need and even want to change direction. But your fear of the unknown is holding you back.

Sometimes we also fear what others will say about us if we make a big change. If this is what is holding you back, it’s time to take control over your decisions.

Your Friends Are Wearing You Down

Our friends aren’t meant to wear us down. They’re instead meant to pick us up when we feel blue, inspire and encourage us.

If you’re tired of your friends and their habits, patterns of behaviour and negativity, it means that you’ve outgrown your social circle. You aspire to higher things than they do. You need change. You need to meet new, like-minded people who are on your level.

You Feel Like You’ve Lost Control Of Your Destiny

If you don’t know where you’re heading and you don’t like it, it’s a sign that you’re no longer in control of your outcomes.

Now is the time to regain mastery over your own life and dictate your fate.

You’ve Lost All Motivation

If you can’t even summon the motivation to get out of bed, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to make a change.

Motivation is a complex mistress. Without it, we find it hard to be productive. We need motivation to fire us up in the morning and to give us a reason to keep on getting out of bed and going to work.

If you’ve lost all your enthusiasm and vigour, and if the only thing you look forward to is the weekend when you can chill out, it’s probably time that you reassessed where you’re going in life.

You’re No Longer Taking Action

Tony Robbins once said that the only thing which separates successful people from unsuccessful people is that the former took action while the latter just continued to sit around and think about taking action.

Maybe you were once a go-getter. Maybe you used to take action to make things happen. Maybe you went to college, then to university and then you got the job you’re in now.

Maybe you summoned up the courage to go on a first date with a man you ended up marrying.

But are you still taking action? Or are you spending too much time thinking? Thoughts change the world – but only if we express them. A thought stuck inside your head isn’t worth a jot.

You Are Literally So Bored

Sometimes, boredom is temporary and can easily be alleviated. Chronic boredom, however, cannot.

If you are bored with absolutely everything and everyone in your life right now, including your job and your friends, it’s probably the biggest sign that you need to make a big call and do something different.

You Realise That You’re ’Settling’

As I was growing up in my twenties, I used to cringe when people asked me if I’m ‘ready to settle down yet.’

“What do you mean?” I would ask.

“Well, have you got a husband yet? A house? Kids?”

No. And I certainly wasn’t ready to ’settle down.’ And I’m still not.

Once you start to settle, you begin to stagnate. Your desires and dreams disintegrate. Your ambitions fold. What you have in life is what you’ll always have.

If this is something which is hitting you right now and it scares you, it’s pretty instructive. It’s time to leave your comfort zone.

You Feel As Though Your Talents Are Being Wasted

Ever seen the movie Good Will Hunting? In this film, Matt Damon’s character is blessed with Einstein-esque genius. He’s a young math whizz-kid. But he’s also unstable, rebellious and cannot apply himself. As such, he earns a lousy wage as a janitor, despite his gift. But he loves it. He prefers to suppress his talents and hang out with the lads. He’s raucous, mean and enjoys getting drunk. He doesn’t want to apply his math skills. He wants to have fun.

Many of us were like this when we were younger. But as you get older, it dawns on you that you have skills and abilities and that you’re worth far more than this crummy job you’re doing right now.

Stay happy!


Source: BeautyAndTips