10 Celebrities Who Look Better With Natural Hair

by Ijeoma of KlassyKinks

I’m a firm believer that natural hair IS for everybody. The hair that grows out of your scalp is meant for you! However, there are some people (myself included) whose natural hair looks so much better on them than straight hair. Sometimes those people happen to be famous, so here are a few celebrities whose looks were revolutionized once they went natural.

1. Viola Davis

Viola Davis straight curly natural hair

Viola Davis wowed us all when she stepped out onto the 2012 Academy Awards red carpet with a colored TWA, making her to talk of the show, despite not taking home an award. Although she occasionally wears a wig, her natural hair makes her look young and refreshed, especially in her October 2013 Essence Magazine cover.

2. Jill Scott

Jill Scott straight curly natural hair TWA

Jilly came onto the scene rocking curls when they weren’t even in style, but over the past few years she’s experimented with straight hair off and on. While this pixie cut is still beautiful, I can’t help but identify more with the natural Jill, whether she is rocking a fade or a voluminous look with the help of her stylist, Felicia Leatherwood.

3. Uzo Aduba

uzo aduba straight curly natural hair

Admittedly, I didn’t realize that Uzo’s textured looks on the red carpet were weaves until she undid her bantu knots in Season 2 of Orange is the New Black. She’s stepped out with straight looks a few times, but I personally think the coils and marley infused updos are more distinctive for Uzo’s big personality.

4. Kimberly Elise

kimberly elise straight curly natural hair

I’ve loved Kimberly Elise ever since Woman Thou art Loosed and Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and she has recently been wearing her natural hair on interviews, the red carpet and on the set of her new tv show Hit the Floor. Considering that I’ve been told more than I few times that I favor the actress, I’m going to vote that she looks better with her kinky hair!

5. Nicole Ari Parker

Nicole Ari Parker straight curly fro TWA natural hair

A surprising addition, but Nicole Ari Parker has demonstrated with both her short, natural cut and her natural protective styles that she’s even more beautiful with natural hair! Now if she could just tell us the secret to finding and keeping our own Boris…

6. Brandy Norwood

Brandy Norwood straight natural curly hair

Brandy has always been one of those people whose lacefronts betray them, so it’s refreshing that she’s started to wear more afro and natural hair styles that are reminiscent of her Moesha braids. This time around she’s opting for larger box braids and marley twists to give her edges a much needed break!

7. Solange Knowles

solange straight curly fro natural hair

For a lot of people, Solange put herself on the map when she cut her hair almost completely off several years ago. Ever since, she’s been the natural hair icon of many a natural and has managed to sustain a fabulous, realistic looking wig game that I’m envious of. Most recently at the Met Gala, Solo brought back a straight wig which would have gotten more attention if not for elevator-gate. Hopefully she’ll use that night as a sign to keep her hair big and kinky!

8. Marsha Ambrosius

Marsha Ambrosius straight curly natural hair

Marsha is another one of those examples that makes you want to smack somebody for even suggesting that she straighten her hair. Big and powerful, Marsha’s hair has a voice of its own! Not only does she wear her hair big and curly, Marsha has also gotten involved in natural hair events in the past – including a launch event with Dark and Lovely.

9. Raven Symone

raven symone straight curly natural hair fro

Raven also recently revealed a natural look late last year – along with great weight loss – that makes her look more at peace with herself. While natural hair makes some people look younger, it somehow makes Raven look more mature and settled.

10. Chrisette Michele

Chrisette Michele straight curly natural hair TWA

I can’t begin to explain how basic Chrisette Michele’s look was until she cut and dyed her hair. Even though her first album was a mega hit, Chrisette’s edgy style has definitely catapulted her voice into the limelight. Whether accessorized with tattoos or piercings, this low fade is now Chrisette’s signature look.

*Michelle Obama


So this photo has been floating around the internet for some time, but I’m so here for it! Someone borrowed Mae/Natural Chica’s twistout and put it on our First Lady’s head, and she looks so fierce! I know she must have seen it by now but I guess she’s doesn’t need to be on that #fourhourtwistsession struggle that has given naturals cut arms – considering Lady O already has some of the most talked about arms in the country..

KlassyKinks.com founder and editor, Ijeoma Eboh, is on a mission to change perceptions of kinky textured hair around the world.

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