10 Ankara / African Print Styles To Get You Though The Changing Seasons


As we all know seasons change, and the worst part about this season changing period is stepping out your house in one outfit and being stuck outside in the cold cold world wondering if you should have worn something warmer or something that wouldn’t have produced much sweat.

As we can see we are moving from the hot sun to the breezy rainy season and for our friends in Europe and America they are transitioning from their cool spring to the hot summer. And each day can decide to pick which of the two it wishes to be.

So here are some outfits that can cater for you for the weather transit period.


Sleeveless Maxi dresses! Perfect for the cool and warm weather, you should have no problems with these unless within this period.

jacket headwrap
Always good to be more than prepared, the ability to add and remove garments in such period could be helpful.If you love the casual look this might be the style for you.

This may or may not be your style or selection of colors but perfect for the season. The Boat neckline gives you the chance to stay cool where it counts all whilst covering the sleeves to stay warm where it counts. And the double layered skirt….preparation in effect.


Suits never go wrong in any weather, it’s what’s underneath, and at anytime it gets hot, you can always strap it around your waist or let it hug you around the neck.

Folake Huntoon of stylepantry
Folake Huntoon of stylepantry

Yup! Longling Cardigan. Help you enjoy the breeze and eliminate the cold.

Jumpsuit, what more is there to day?

@zephansandco jumpsuit
But just incase you want to cover your legs up a bit more. You might prefer these.


As we know in cold weather, our chest is the most sensitive, but so are our arms. Once you have these covered you can rock your day with a beautiful bodycon top with flair or skater skirt.

skater collar
A chelsea, notched or shawl collar dress is just perfect. They can be flapped up depending on how much cold or breeze you are prepared to let in.

skirt with jeans
Slit Maxi Skirt with button top. You are in total control of your temperature here.


Source: fashionghana.com

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